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  1. This is why I don't enter fly swaps. I tie purely for pleasure. I rarely tie one pattern over and over again. IF I ever sit down and concentrate on one pattern it is only because I am going on an extended trip and have come to believe that there will be a magic pattern that I can't leave home without.

    My point is that IF I entered a swap, I would take the responsibility seriously and make damn sure that I had my contribution done on time. If that makes me a grouch then so be it but I am a preemptive grouch.

  2. I have done a lot of swaps over the years, some on this site and many more on three other sites. It has been a rare swap where every one got them in by the deadline and shipped out on time. I have been on both sides of the coin, sometimes early, sometimes late. I have come to expect taht I won't get the flies till at least two weeks from the end of the deadline. The flies I tie and get from these swaps are above and beyond what I need to go fishing. In fact I have three shadow boxes of 36 flies each that I have gleaned from my swaps that I think are just simply beautiful ties. I join the swaps to see what other tiers are doing, to stretch my abilities (certain swaps ask for things like woven nymphs), and to keep me tying when i have most of my own flies done. I agree communication is paramount between swappers and swap miester, but patience is also necessary on all parts. Life happens and when you have 12 different individuals it is going to happen to one of them most likely if not more.
    If you are to go with your category of "No Slackers" it is my opinion that you will end up with the some one in that group who will be late then struck from the list till there are three of you left. As far as sending back the persons flies for being late, if you think taking longer to get your flies back is draining enthusiasm from serious tiers, than you will be killing it for those tiers. I guess that then would make us the elitists that many people think that fly fisherman are.
    If you are one of those super organized people who calendars, deadlines and organization are paramount, you do need to be in swaps with the same kind of people. I imagine their tying desk is completely organized and perfectly clean. Mine on the other hand is usually messy and I spend a good deal of time at the begining just finding what I need to tie the particular fly I want to to tie. I guess I need to be in a more relaxed patient swap. I will say, if I am late it will only be a day or two, not a week or two. I also know that it takes the extremely organized to do a great job hosting a swap and that I am not a good candidate for being a swap miester so I do not.
    I guess what I am trying to say through this rambling monologe is that Yes we do need to be responsible about deadlines and getting things done when we are supposed to, but we also need to be a little flexible.

  3. I think there is acctually a bit of truth to that. In the skwala swap i had sent mine decently early so they will arrive before the deadline. by the way from here to moses lake should only take a day to ship anything. The flies ended up there way later than they should have, i dont remember exactly how long but i think at least a week. Oh, and the envelope was destroyed.
  4. One More Time:

    I got tired of joining swaps and then having to wait for 1-4 weeks to get your flies!!! This seems to be a pattern for some swapmeisters. I just don't understand. STICK WITH THE DEADLINE AND MAIL THE FLIES OUT!!!!! It is plain RUDE to make everyone else wait just because someone does not know how to read a calendar. I have no problem giving everyone an extra day or maybe 2, but any longer than that is uncalled for. The deadline is there for a reason.

    I have to ask. How hard is it to really tie on average 12 flies??? I signed up for the Mini Trout Marathon Swap. That is 12 flies for 5 months for a total of 60 flies - 5 different patterns. I sat down on a Saturday and tied them ALL, and still managed to do some things around the house. I had them in the mail on Monday. It is not that hard to tie any flies for a swap and meet the deadline - even with "honey do's", work, play, & fishing (last time i checked there is not too much night time fly fishing going on!) IT ALL HAS TO DO WITH YOUR PRIORITIES. The way i look at it, if you even think for a moment that you may not be able to make a deadline for a swap - DON'T SIGN UP. :beathead:

  5. Yeah, I agree. If you think it might be an issue don't sign up. But, if you're gonna get 'er done and send 'em off in time - let's swap! I've only been in two now, and the first one I did have an etiquette blunder that I apologized for, but I think they're great fun and enjoy fishing stuff that other people tied and seeing what's good about styles I haven't explored. I agree with the statement in this thread that swaps are a matter of integrity - tie to the best of your ability, send 'em off on time, include return postage/container, fun fun!

    Here's the up side to tying a dozen or more at a time... for me anyways since I usually only tie 3 or 4 of a pattern/size and box 'em, then 3 or 4 of another... I found that tying a dozen straight not only improved my speed on the fly but I made some corrections in the mechanics of attaching certain materials so it sped things up and made a more resilient bug.

    Eh, a couple cents... cheers :beer2:
  6. You know, the excuse of "something came up" does not roll with me.

    I've been in quite a few swaps here and elsewhere and have been lucky enough to not have any issues (well one but who's counting) but I do lurk and read about other swap goings on and read of delays some swaps encounter.

    My view is: you see the type of swap you may be interested in, check the deadline and if it works for you, go ahead and join but then PLAN ON START TYING WITHIN A WEEK of joining. Plain and simple. Then there's no issues, you send them in early and sit back and wait for the mailman. I've actually passed on a couple swaps recently just because I knew I couldn't follow through on the commitment, even though I almost talked my self into it but after the fact, I was glad I didn't so as to ruin it for others.

    Clearly the "something came up" scenario is 99.999% the direct result of procrastinating until the point that something may in fact genuinely may come up before the due date and then it's too late to recover.

    Something usually can't "come up" and stick around for 4 to 6 weeks, unless there is an utter catastrophe the next day or week after a swapper joins but if that were the case, they could quickly back out of that swap, so lateness is not an option in my world, plain and simple.
  7. I agree that late fly submissions are a downer on a swap. I fairly recently got my flies back from my first swap (Blackmouth/resident coho swap), Thanks Clint. I had been wanting to enter one for a while and had read the complete conversation of several swaps. As a result I had expected that there would probably be at least one late person to get flies to the master. So I wasn't disappointed when I didn't get the flies when I was hopping to. That didn't mean that I wasn't very eager to get them. And I was very excited when I saw what I got. As a result I have added several patterns to my tying arsenal. I am already signed up for my second.

    Although it may suck to be waiting on other people, the reward may be to get something that you may not have ever known about before.

    That said, a list of people that are ALWAYS late may be helpful to the master so that he/she knows who not to wait for. Possibly if they get nothing back a time or two they may learn the lesson.
  8. thats even better :beer2:
  9. I better get my ass to tying for a swap I'm in. I've got one full pattern set done but have five more from pattern two to tie. I'd hate to be the first guy to get back an empty box!
  10. This is one of the reasons I was so bummed to see Ron Eagle Elk not continue the marathon swap. He took pictures, posted info and got everything in the mail on time.

    Swaps are a bit democratic I suppose. If you get a bad reputation people likely will not join your swaps or take you into their swaps.

    Begging for flies is a pain. I have been pleasantly surprised by the swappers in the marathon swap, but we are only 2/5 done.....
  11. Today marks the 29th day since the fly swap I entered was suppose to end....:beathead:
  12. The last swap I hosted, I waited longer than I should have for "the late persons" flies. I will say sorry to those who waited so long.

    I will host swaps in the future when I have time. I like to see what others tie.

    dryflylarry- have you contacted the swap host? If so what was their excuse? Maybe some humiliation will clean up their act. I really do not think it is the post office holding things up.

  13. :rofl: Larry :rofl: I just fell out of my chair and now I'm :rofl:
    All this time I thought that you were just being a gentleman and reminding all of us that join or those that host swaps to maintain a professionalism and timliness in the swaps. This was received as a very admirable post and I thought it was one that many needed to be reminded of.

    :rofl: Now I'm upside down and beside myself :rofl: realizing that you posted this because you are PISSED OFF! :beathead:

    Thanks for the post, sorry for your frustration. Now I'm gonna have to seek out that swap.
  14. Mumbles it is now 30 days since the swap ended!!! No Flies Received!! Can you imagine?!
    SLACKER---SLACKER---SLACKER. There is just no excuse.
  15. i can imagine. I got flies from the winter trout swap about 6 weeks after they "were sent".
  16. Larry, I can't really imagine. Generally I send my files in way before the deadline and have to refer back to seeing when it was. I'm often thinking where the hell are those flies but the deadline has not even arrived. My last two swaps I've mellowed out and not put myself into that situation. Your situation is much different though.

    Want to tie some Caddis flies? There is still room in another fly box sure could use a dryflylarry special or two! I'm excited to be tying some up because I've been working on mostly huge beefy patterns.
  17. Yeah, too bad the early spring midge swap wasn't on time... yesterday was all about the chronies on a desert lake (Kent, Mike, Tim and I all with sore arms and sunburns today). I had plenty of good stuff in my box, but it would have been fun to try out some others' ties. No big though, I'll keep joining them even though in my experience they run late.
  18. This post made me so self conscious because I just finished tying for a streamer swap and have entered a caddis swap. I went down and tried tying up a few for the caddis swap. Tough switching from #4 down to #14 and the first few looked they are in my box. I think I might have done okay. I'll post a demo photo in the swap and see if I should tie up more or if they pros there think I'm in over my head. I cussed a lot last night.
  19. Hey Mumbles looking at your avatar either you have cancer or joined a cult! Hopefully it is just a cult. Ya Know Hari Krishna fly casters
  20. Repeat after me, Ed, Om Mani Padme Fish, Om Mani Padme Fish... repeat ad-infinitum. You won't catch any fish this way, unless you can work that into the casting rhythm.

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