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  1. Forgive my ignorance but did the fish live? Get released? What was is the fish's fait?

    That thing looks awesome!!
  2. I think I read it was released upriver.

    So is this fish the offspring from a hatchery fish, that was spawned in the wild???

    (just kickin up the currents... ;))
  3. Hehe, was reading this on my iPad as I just woke up and missed that last bit of info in the article. Time to get my coffee on and hit the stores for some last min shopping! :)
  4. I know Mike caught a few unclipped /wild fish last year. It is just great to see one so large return so early.

    PS Steelheaders are just eternal optimist
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  5. That's early for a wild fish to return. Most arrive in March.

    Good news!
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  6. Must of been lost
  7. Glad to see nobody post a rant about the fish being out of the water. The maturity level of members on THIS site is one grade level above most others. :D

    of course... someone is bound to prove me wrong. ;)
  8. I just can't believe that pic! Why did he have to do the $$ pose with that fish??? Wtf man! :D
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  9. " was returned to the upper Cowlitz River to contribute its significant genetics to the steelhead gene pool in the upper river."

    What the hell are 'significant genetics'. Beer nearly came outta my nose.

  10. It's code for "he was big."
  11. The hatchery gets a pass for lifting fish out of water when they are being sorted to go into a hatchery pond or into the truck for the ride upriver.

    Significant genetics could also be code for surviving against all odds, making it downstream with still a marginally effective juvenile fishway, and, well, you can see part of what he has to go through to get back upstream beyond the dams.
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  12. Salmo,
    Do you know if DNA samples are taken from fish like this? Wondering if this is old Cowlitz genetics or some introduced genetics or a mix. Is it possible to tell?
  13. That fish was affected by some Fukushima juice and it turned into an ogre of a steelhead!
  14. Dan,

    No. Genetic sampling has been done on population groups in the Cowlitz as elsewhere. There is no point in doing a DNA analysis of this specific fish. We know what he came from. Late winter steelhead from the Cowlitz hatchery population have been stocked in the upper watershed since 1995. The late winter steelhead are legacy fish from the pre-dam natural population that were taken into hatchery production for 30-plus years until re-introduction into the upper basin began. This fish was captured and marked on its downstream smolt migration. It is the product of natural production, but it has a hatchery legacy in its past just a few generations ago.

    Unmarked steelhead show up at the barrier dam every year. Since 2004 the wild run has ranged from around 300 to 800 or 900 the past couple years. The run should double or more when Tacoma installs the downstream passage facility it agreed to in 2000.

  15. So much for the theory that...."Hatchery fish are 'inferior' to wild fish....and they don't do well reproducing in the wild." :oops:
  16. FinLuver,

    It's not a theory. It is the conclusion of every scientific inquiry that has looked into the subject. However, being less effective than wild fish when it comes to reproduction in the natural environment is not the same as zero effectiveness. (And for additonal clarity, the phrase "not statistically different from zero" as applied to Chambers Creek hatchery steelhead is not absolutely zero, either.) Hatchery fish have been stocked in the upper Cowltiz basin since 1995 as part of a re-introduction effort. Eighteen years is four and one-half generations for fish that are typically four-year-olds. With each passing generation of natural reproduction, the re-introduced fish are becoming more like the endemic native wild fish that originally inhabited the upper watershed. The pictured fish is evidence that the effort is showing some sustained success.

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  17. Sg,
    13 years ago, looks like they are moving right along. ;)
    Any idea what decade the passage facility might actually be built?
  18. Probably the same time Bertha finishes boring her hole.
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