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  1. wenatcheefish

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    what part of crab creek in general holds the nice browns?
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    :beathead: Ouch my head!!!!!!
  3. well, since you asked what part IN GENERAL, try the part in eastern washington that has water over it, i hope thats a general enough description. seriously though, dont ask for areas for the "nice browns" over the internet, fishing spots for nice fish are something you need to discover for yourself, i learned that a year or two ago also.
  4. wenatcheefish

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    just read a couple other threads on crab. didn't realize it was a sore subject for people. i realize publicizing fishing holes has its downside for the fish and fisherman but have wanted to check it out. i'm definitely willing to explore and have found some of my own "gems" already after moving here 4 years ago. i feel like you need to give a little to get a little. know there's a guide service that takes fisherman there and that may be the way to go. appreciate you opinion.
  5. Josh

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    "Where are the nice fish" posts are always going to get crap. Particularly when they are your very first post on a forum. What did you expect?
  6. LT

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    The guide service fishes on private land and it's pretty spendy. Your best bet is to just start following the blue lines. Good luck! -R
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    Crab Creek browns are few and far between. Explore away, because nobody in there right mind would just post that over the internet for thousands to see. If you want good browns in this state you need to put some miles into those boot of yours. Tight lines and good luck.
  8. Mike

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    There are a couple of ways to fish Crab Creek. As a previous post states, get a guide or follow the blue lines on public land.

    I think that there is only one guide service that openly states that it fishes Crab. That is Northwest Outfitters out of Coeur d’Alene. They advertise that their clients fish a private stretch of water.

    Other shops such as Worley Bugger, Evening Hatch, Emerald Waters, and Red’s advertise that they fish eastern Washington desert creeks. Since there are other eastern Washington streams beside Crab with browns, you will need to go out with them and find out where they fish.

    Specific to brown trout on public land in Crab Creek. It appears that brown trout fingerling have been planted by WDFW over much of Crab north of Moses Lake in past years. That means that you can take advantage of the year round fishing season. Go to the WDFW web site and dig out the numbers. What they don’t tell in any specific detail, is where they did the planting. A deeper digging into inter-agency reports does give some of that information.

    As far as following the blue line on a map, well frequently the blue line may be there, but the creek isn’t. Large stretches of Crab Creek go underground. Other stretches are more like stillwater rather than a creek. Much of that blue line is also on private land. That means that unless you plan on knocking on lots of doors, you need to figure out which land is public and which is private.

    From my research so far, your best bet is to go to the BLM for maps. Their maps give information not only which land is public and private, but which agency within the federal, state or county manages the land. If you have the right software you can download the maps off the web, otherwise you need to go to the Public Lands Information Center site and order the maps. They are a nonprofit agency that acts as single source of information about recreation and land use on all public lands in a state, regardless of managing agency. If somebody reading this has a better source, please let me know.

    Good luck and watch out for ticks and rattlesnakes!

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    I know where they're at... got PayPal? :rofl:
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    A lot of crab creek holds nothing but carp. The only section that I have had any luck catching trout on produced some average sized rainbows and once I may have hooked a brown, but it was big, went deep and broke me off before I could get a look. I believe the regs have changed over the last year or two for that creek. You really have to have a detailed map while reading the regs to figure out which sections are open this time of year. I am still trying to figure out if "my" section is open right now because I would love to fish it. Have fun exploring and if all else fails drive to Rocky Ford creek.
  11. Panhandle

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    Walk upstream.:thumb:
  12. Itchy Dog

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    To heck with the browns- anyone know where the crabs are in the creek?
  13. Freestone

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  14. rick matney

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    Spokane! near the valley!
  15. Gary Thompson

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    I don't know where the crabs are, but I can tell ya where to find the ticks and rattle snakes.
    If you can catch big carp you can catch browns.
    O'ya there are steelhead and salmon also.
  16. Ray

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    Hey!?! I got crabs there too!!!
  17. Mark Bové

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    Sorry about the crabs rick... You inadvertenly got um from me who gave them to her that gave them to him that gave them to you... again sorry my bad
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    Oh no, sounds like you guys got the East Sprague variety... good luck with that... :rofl:
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    iagree Gotta put in the time. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, and fishin holes are no different! And if you're a moron like me, you fish on the wild, unruly Sauk where nothing is ever the same next season. :beathead: BTW, someone once told me a brown will eat your cat if you throw it out there... you'll get one, just do what Panhandle says and "walk upstream"
    Good luck man
  20. Gary Thompson

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    Talked to an old timer in a tav in Bend, OR. once.
    He told me to put a live mouse on a stick (rubber band the mouse to your hook and line) and float it out in the pool.
    Once the mouse gets out in the middle pull him off the stick and wait for one hell of a strike.
    I bought the old guy another beer.
    Now is that fly fishing? "No" and the animal rights people will have a fit.