crab creek

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by wenatcheefish, Dec 27, 2008.

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    my grandpa suggested something like that for bass.
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    Sounds like the years of his youth were well spent on the Metolius. :) Animal rights don't apply to mice when eradicating them from your garage or teasing a bull trout / brown trout from their lair.
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    One thing you might want to add to the mouse reciepe is in the dark with a spotlight shone on the mouse in the middle of the pool!
  4. Freestone Not to be confused with freestoneangler

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    Gary, I read your mouse post to my fiancee and he chuckled. He said his grandpa, who would be about 120 yrs old now, only ever used a fly rod to fish the streams of the Blue Mountains (WA). He said his grandpa flyfished for bull trout in streams with a live mouse. His grandpa put a regular hook at the end of the leader and attached the mouse (use your imagination but the PETA people wouldn't like it).

    I cracked up when he told me this as we all love to entertain the romantic notion that old-timers were purists with bamboo rods and dry flies as we debate whether fly fishing with an indicator etc. is really fly fishing!
  5. Methow Active Member

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    Freestone, that explains why R uses them big foam
  6. ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

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    Ever read the trout fisherman's bible?
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    It used to be quite common at Juanita Park to use live mice for Bass. Rubber band a hook to them and push them off on a little Balsa raft. Once at the edge of the weeds just jerk them off and let them swim for it. :eek:

    I doubt PETA would approve but then I don't approve of PETA.
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  9. Jim Speaker Active Member

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    Damn, mouse fishing without having to learn the hand-twist-pop... sweet! :D
  10. Paul Stavig Member

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    Have heard many stories from old-timers about using ducklings, rubber bands and treble hooks for largemouth bass, muskies and pike. Would probably work on big browns too. . . Hmm. . . ;)
  11. Jim Speaker Active Member

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    Saw a duckling get taken at Pass Lake. Yes. Send your duckling patterns!
  12. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    Big baits (flies) catch big fishies!!!
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    Upper Crab Creek is a paradox for those few of us who ply her waters. Show me a low elevation trout stream w/o a large user group and I will show you an environmentally abused place. Unfortunately until people speak up on behalf of this creek it will continue the decline of the fishery and the riparian corridor. So we will keep our secrets to the detriment of the place we love. Or maybe some day we will become older and wiser and see the bigger picture.
  14. Jake Dogfish New Member

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    I fished right off a main bridge two weeks ago and caught a 12" on the fly just to show the buddy I was with it could be done.
  15. Brian Hinnenkamp Cedar man

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    Wow....I just did folks and your "crab creak"!!! I heard it was mythical, but had no clue the bs. These are the haunts of my youth. Yes Crab Creek has monster browns and it is no more a secret than any other water in the state??? Yes it is the small tribs and irrigation property that holds the brown monsters. The "rattlesnake creek" area is cool if you have been shown it, but this the longest creek in America, and the best waters to be had are on private land.......just man up....dress nice....bring some flowers and some nice steaks and you will be cool....knock on doors. No I am not giving away secrets here........again....come fish with me there if you want just have to put up with my cooking.