crab creek

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    flow is ok, won't last. a couple nice holding spots if you go east, watch for snakes though. had one maybe 18plus, that kept rising, but it just didn't like me. must have seen a few flies already. lots of fish to 14. good luck.
  2. Crab Creek - isn't it kind of a Rocky Ford thing. Slow, murky water with some big fish and not much to look at.
    I am a boulder hopper and I like to park my bicycle three miles up river and work my way upstream for 6 or 8 hours with varied views of 200 foot trees and mountains. Fishing water with fast riffles, deep pools, glassy tailouts, Ed - Edd and Eddies, seams and cut banks, dead stumps with flying ants taking off like flights out of Chicago Ohara - If I want to tell someone about my many secret ( yeah right) spots I will share it privately with an oath of secrecy! Crab Creek is no secret - you may just think it is because nobody else wants to fish it. That place is lame, but "to each his own" said the lady as she kissed the cow.
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    There are some sections of private ground on Crab which have more drop to the topography and do indeed have a riffle/pool look. As far as shallow and murky, one pool on the Lincoln Co. section has a depth of over 10 feet! The early season mud is only an issue when you are downstream of where Rock Creek enters Crab. As far as 200' trees and mountains, I too would love to fish only those streams, but when I'm hiking a CDA
    River tributary right now I am still runnning into other anglers. While Crab may not provide quite the scenery, it can provide some sections with a few native Redbands and very few if any other people. If you fish the Tokio section try nymphing with #18 brassies under a small indicator with 4X flouro. Other option if you want fewer fish but the chance at a big fish, try a weighted dark colored big (3" plus) string leech. Brown Eyed Susans and the Blue Western Flax are in full bloom in the scabrock providing a little color to the landscape.
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    If you want to see some Redband pics, go to FLICKR and type in Redband Rainbows for the search. Do not expect any huge fish pics! Our biggest Redband for the season tops out around 20 inches on upper Crab.
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