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  1. Any thoughts on crab traps/ I'm in the market and like the ones with the doors rather than the giant net kind. Anyone go crabbing out there?

    good stuff. get the pole floats and 3/16" line. you will also want to add some weights to the inside of the traps to keep them in one place. this is my 3rd season with the mckay traps, no issues what so ever, they work!
  3. Go to Outdoor Emporium. I just picked up a whole set $37, 100' of weighted rope, buoy, and the trap. You'll also need a bait box, $5, and you're good to go. Can't wait for Wednesday to boil up some fresh Dungees. Don't bother with the rings, unless you're going to tend it. I'd rather put a couple of the cages down, go fish, and come back a couple times in the day to check on them. You'll also want to get a plastic guage to measure the size and also check the shell. There is some good info on the WDFW site as well with video if anyone is curious.
  4. I use the 20 or so buck square folding Danielson crab traps. Had some 100 dollar ones once and someone stole them. I think the 20 or so buck ones work as good as the 100 dollar ones and if some asshat steals them or they get lost I am not out much money. You can buy them at Sportsmen's or whatever thier name is now but I think the cheapest place I have seen them is Wally World.
  5. I like fold up pots. They are cheap and they take up less space in the boat. I use rebar, zip tied to the bottom for weight. I lost 2 $100.00 setups last year. Inexpensive, convenient folding traps are what I've replaced them with.

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  6. iagree
    Yellowlab nailed it here. I have added two small platforms, one on each side of the motor. I place a pair of traps stacked here when my wife and I head out. We tend to drop the traps, then off to tool around/fish and come back after a good soaking. With pink season touted to be a good one I'm hoping that I'll get some flesh for the smoker and heads for the crab traps. Nothing catches a good batch of Dungeness crab better than your waste fish heads/fins/spines that don't normally make it to your table. Ultimately the bait boxes get picked clean or dumped back into the water and all you have left are the memories of fish you caught and a full belly of crab you caught on that fish head.
  7. I crab whenever the season is open. I only use rings anymore as I got fed up with low lifes stealing my pots. Even with rings only a couple hundred yards away from the boat I've had to run down sob's who were trying to steal them. Besides rings fish must faster than pots. By the time we get the last ring in position its time to go back to the first one and pull it.
  8. Ed, is that the setup you use on the Livingston you have for sale? Just wondering....

  9. iagree. my dad and i have used both rings and the big cage like traps. rings take up less space and the crabs can enter them from all angles instead of searching for doors. this way you catch your crabs faster and can just focus on fishing. Also with the big traps we let them sit longer and then when we do pull them up often star fish have made their way into the cage and are munchin on the crabs we were planning to eat:beathead:. just my 0.02

  10. My two cents is..

    Pull along a commercial crabber with a case of beer presented and ask em if they have any sport sized ones they are letting go.
  11. go with the cheap ones. They fish just fine and the replacement cost is low.
  12. iagree
  13. Charles:
    We need a thread on the many uses of steel rebar....
  14. I use the Danielson folding ones and they seem to work fine. Johns in Everett is selling a kit for $39 that includes trap, 100' leaded line, buoy, bait holder and measure device...just add crabs. Never had much luck with the rings.
  15. I found with the buying of the traps, license, gas for boat, launching fee etc. etc. If you want a nice crab coctail, bypass haggens because they are selling week old crab that is spoiled. Not quite sure where you can get fresh besides the nates
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  16. i run several styles of pots out of my boat and have yet to have anything fish better than a beat up old danielson. make sure your pots are weighted enough to stay on the bottom in the area you are fishing and that you have enough slack in your line if you drop on a low tide.
  17. ILwaco in December
  18. I too prefer the folding Danielson's. Not only cheap they seem to fish faster than the "fancier" pots. I have found that a soak of 40/45 minutes is enough. If you are going to spend a lot of time working your gear the rings are the best way to go (and what I normally use when searching new areas); you can pull them every 20 minutes or so.

    That said if I were to leave my pots soaking overnight (yes I know that is tempting the theives) those square Danielson don't fish as well; eventually the crabs are able to force themselves out of the pot.

    BTW -
    I assume that everyone are releasing all the wild ones!

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  19. Which claw is clipped on the wild ones?
  20. when i wanted to move from collapsable rings to something more substantial, i talked with several commercial crabbers for opinions. they all said the same thing: round or octagonal traps out fish everything else, period. as usual YMMV. and if you drop your traps on a herd of crabs, all bets are off :)

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