NFR Cranberry Bog Bounty

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  1. Anyone have a bog they hit before the Thanksgiving holiday? I was late getting out but managed to hit a Whidbey bog today, along with my son. Just enough for turkey day sauce!

  2. That looks like a LOT of sauce! Happy Thanksgiving.
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  3. I'm also in "charge" of the cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving because it is a very difficult thing to make!
    :rolleyes: :)
  4. Yea, I get two easy jobs. Cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes :D:)
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  5. I don't actually like cranberry sauce during the first hot meal of turkey served on thanksgiving. It's importance to me and my love is a good cranberry sauce to be placed on that midnight turkey sandwich, and of course the following three over the weekend! ;)
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  6. So Porter, I understand that, but I enjoy the cranberries much more now that I have started making the the sauce, as opposed to the can of sauce.

    Here is the recipe I've settled on. Simple and tasty!
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  7. Never did can. My mom made sauce and then I married in to a norwegian family and they have a really good cranberry sauce, I think I just like it better cold and with with cold turkey ....slapped between some nice sourdough bread, nice crisp green lettuce, some swiss, and I even like the leftover cooked carrots (butter/dill) in it. I think its that I want to enjoy the hot meal with a good gravy, the saltiness or something, and a cranberry sauce usually erases that flavor for me. It's all good.
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  8. You are getting me hungry Porter.

    So Friday after Thanksgiving, and before the Apple Cup, I am making a double batch of Lefsa with the kids! Mmmm, Lefse and cranberry sauce ;-)
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  9. "Hit" a bog? Whaazzat mean, sneak out into a bog and pick some on the sly?:D Nice looking berries.
    Do you visit a cranberry farm and buy some fresh berries directly from the farmer? Or do you know of a wild bog that has 'em growing thickly enough to fill those bowls? (Just might take days to pick that many cranberries in the wild).
    Receiving a small bag of fresh berries from the cranberry farmer I used to work for was always a welcome bonus. One harvest, when I was still working there, I made sure to set a small sack of nice ones off to the side after I picked an area that I had planted about 4 years before. Those were the best cranberries I ever ate!:)
  10. We had two cranberry sauces on Thursday. One was a traditional sauce. The second was an orange/cranberry sauce. Both yum. Did the sourdough sandwich, turkey, swiss, apple/onion/celery/sausage stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mustard dill carrots...slightly grilled with hot gravy on side for dipping...oh it was heaven!
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  11. Dude you are killing me.
  12. That cranberry sauce with the orange rinds cooked in with it is the best I ever ate....
  13. "Lefsa"! It deserves to begin with a capital "L"! I nearly grew up on the stuff (well, at least during the holidays).
    I went north of the Arctic Circle in Norway last year with my son to see the island our ancestors emigrated from in the 1890's. We found long lost relatives still living there and were elated (all of us) to realize that we made our Lefsa exactly the same way.
    Good stuff!
  14. Lefsa country(Lofoten Islands, Norway).... native Brown Trout in the stream here and in the lake above it;
    Lofoten Stream.JPG
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  15. I hope you packed your flyrod. Some beautiful country. I hope to catch a native brown some day.
  16. Jim
    I go to a bog on Whidbey. The berries are thick there and every year I pick. This has been going on for years, some years better than others but this year was good and it took about 2 hours to fill those bowls wit my son and I picking. He's twelve. It really is a treat.

    Much easier than say wild blackberries!
  17. Great photo Greg. How cool to make that trip with your son. I hope to do the same some year soon. My parents have visited family in both Norway and Sweden twice and go back in May. Through Facebook I have some contact with family there, but to visit the family cabin in the mountains would be a dream.
  18. triplodjunkie; This trip began at Sea-Tac accompanied with my aging parents, then a brief stop in Iceland, then on to Copenhagen where we met up with my wife and daughter who had been travelling in France. We then boarded a cruise ship to Oslo, then on to the northern coast of Germany where we met up with our son and continued on to Estonia (fabulous little country!), then Russia, Finland, Sweden and back to Denmark. Son and I then boarded several planes for the Norwegian Arctic for two weeks of travel, then home. It was a fabulous trip...
    But "no", although I seriously considered it, I didn't pack a fly rod due to all the logistics and potential headaches this might entail. I did talk to a few rod carrying travelers though that were headed for the salmon rivers of Norway. And I saw a lot of beautiful waters where browns and grayling are found - someday - again - maybe.
  19. Late getting on this thread, but my mom's best friend owns a cranberry bog in Grayland, so I grew up on the things. I eat them fresh, love the taste and the "pop" they have. One of my favorite things to do is infuse vodka with cranberries and the rind of orange and limes. Just dump them in and let them hang out for a couple weeks, delicious!

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