Crane Prairie info

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by ascender, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Anyone fish this much? I thinking about moving down there and like the looks of this lake. If anyone has tips for fishing it I would be most grateful.

    Which fly shop has the experts on the stillwater action down there?
  2. Check out Denny Rickards book on the 50 Best Lakes in the West. Some good info on CP.
  3. I lived in Bend, OR many years ago and use to fish the Deschutes where it entered the lake and the drowned creek channel.
    Dragon fly and damsel fly nymphs worked best.
    There's some damn big fish in that lake.
  4. CP is a great fishery. It's big and at times, the wind can blow hard. The trick is finding the sweet spots. Beautiful country.
  5. I've only fished it once (2 days). All of my success came on minnow patterns. It's a huge, gorgeous lake, with huge, gorgeous trout. Biggest trout I've ever caught was outta there. Plenty of other lakes in the area worth fishing, not to mention the Deschutes too. Bend area is awesome!
  6. I spent a few days in Sunriver a year ago, and while I didn't fish CP, my buddies did with a guide from the shop in Sunriver. They enjoyed the experience.


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