Craven's Screaming Banshee

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by ScottP, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. ScottP Active Member

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  2. Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

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    I like it. Must try some. It looks nearly unsinkable.

  3. papafsh Piscatorial predilection

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    I too was impressed with that fly, from the original tutorial. I tied up four of them so far, and I'm also anxious to see how they work.

  4. Kaiserman content

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    Those would absolutely SLAY fish in the river here in town!
  5. ScottP Active Member

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    First try at a few mods; 1mm foam back and glued/squeezed/trimmed deer hair butts (from the wing) for the lip/forward wing




  6. Russ Kendall Member

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    Great job with the Screaming Banshee Scott. I like your decision to use the bleached elk hair instead of the deer hair that Charlie uses on his. I've tied up a few, still trying to figure out a better way to separate the side wings to pull the hair forward. My fingers are so big it makes it a challenge. Skating these on the Yakima this summer should be a blast.

  7. McNasty Canyon Lurker

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    thats got westslope all over it. prolly try a few colors including an orange one for some fall fun.