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  1. im looking for a good crawfish pattern to tie and i was wondering what simple but realistic enough patterns any of you have?
  2. Orange colored wooley bugger heavilly weighted.. Maybe with some lead eyes so the point rides up...
  3. anyone else?
  4. Try this one, it is pretty simple.$s&showid=4650
  5. The WB is a great dressing for a crayfish , gets my vote
  6. Here's one I have been using. Realistic yes, simple...not so much. I have caught plenty of good bass on a two-tone woolly bugger. The belly should be some shade of orange, the back can be brown or green. Rubber strands mixed in with the marabou tail really help trigger strikes. Not a bad idea to tie it weighted to ride hook point up. If you do, don't forget to reverse the colors.

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  7. Here's a thought: Try an orange Deefly. I use white wings, but mottled feathers are great for the wings. Simple and very effective on the cutties and steelies.
    : )
  8. Burnt orange is what I use in a woolly bugger.

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