Crayfish pattern and fish it in clear water

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  1. Usually I am a big fan of simple patterns. When fish for bass, simple and lot's of action is my top criteria. My go-to flies - wooly bugger (w/ hackle, w/o hackle) and zonker strips with different color. But, in the spring time, when the creek turn into gem clear condition, I have to switch to more realistic pattern. Usually these river bass will just follow the buggers and stare on it, then swim away... especially when I am fishing in pressure waters. The crayfish pattern! I got some reference from the internet, combine some mixure techs from salt water shrimp and trandition crayfish patterns.

    Cast to the potential holding spot, let the fly sink for few seconds, (usually fish will take it immediately) (if not) then twitch / pause along the bottom, retrive relative SLOW (compare to wooly bugger). Because this is realistic pattern, you want bass to take a good look of them. Base on my observations, they usually will stay around this pattern, and after your second twitch...the following take usually big.

    Hook: TMC 200R #6
    Head: Olive dear hair, black crystal flash, one piece of olive marabou.
    Leg: Chinese saddle
    Eye: Mono #30 lb test
    Shell back: two stand tan chenille combine mono to create segment.

    1. tie in wire underbody (depend on the desire sinking rate)
    2. tie in deer hair and black falsh
    3. tie in olive marabou, eyes, and chenille and chinese saddle for the leg and claw (tie in mono with the marabou)
    4. wrap the olive marabou to form the body.
    5. wrap the saddle feathers along the body to create the legs.
    6. pull the two strand chenille back to form shell back
    7. wrap the mono to create body segments.
    8. Leave shell back a little longer than hook eye (form the tail) and whip finish.

    The middle steps are very flexible, basically I just try to tie in everything and wrap all the way to the end : )

    Fish them slow and let the bass and sunfish take a good look...
  2. Thos are some killer looking flies. What website did you get those from?
  3. That global ff pattern is sweet. Gonna try and tie some up soon, tie 'em on the end of a sinking line and see how many fish I can pull in at Roosevelt. Peace.
  4. Yuhina,

    Thanks for this thread. I now live on a lake that has tournament smallmouth competitions on it and I of course will be bugging them off my dock with my flyrod. Have been looking for a good crawdad imitation as this lake has lots of them.

    Thanks again.
  5. god those sunfish sure have great colors!

    Are you allowed to use a flyrod in a smally tourney ?? ;)

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