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  1. [​IMG]

    Hook: Tiemco 102Y #13
    Thread: Benecchi 12/0, tobacco
    Hackle 1: Woodcock marginal wing covert
    Hackle 2: Cree
    Tail: Cree barbs
    Body: Hare's ear

    Hans W
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  2. Hans

    This looks very similar to a traditional Adams, but with the woodcock hackle and hare ear dubbing is the meant to be fished wet?


  3. Rob,

    The French and Spanish tiers have been tying dry/damp patterns with a game hackle in front of stiffer cock hackle for decades, but this style has acquired a new name (Jingler) over the past years, with popularity growing in Scotland especially.

    The game hackle adds a 'softness" to the dry fly, blurring and diffusing the outline and adding some mobility. I like the blend.

    Hans W
  4. In my experience fishing dry then allowing the soaking and drowning on the swing while assuming a wet fly presentation style is very effective. I rather admire this blend.
  5. Jim,

    What you derscribe certainly has its application.

    The style shown above has been tied and fished by anglers in France and Spain for decades, and more recently has been gaining popularity in Scotland - where the design is being referred to as Jingler.

    It is fished as a dry, in the film - where the game bird front hackle 'softens' the overall outline.

    Hans W

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