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  1. What's the name of the creek that runs west from Potholes reservoir through the state park? Crab creek comes out of O'Sullivan dam heading south correct? I did the Google Map thing and it doesn't name it....

  2. Frenchman's wasteway? That runs into potholes at the park

  3. Oh - Thanks Patrick -
  4. And Winchester
  5. As Patrick said, the upper one is Winchester and the lower one is Frenchmans. I wouldn't call them true "creeks" as they vary in size during the irrigation season.
  6. But you can still fish them.
  7. Oh, no! Ticks and snakes! Ticks and snakes!!!!
  8. Only in Washington State on the dry side.
  9. Frenchmen and Winchester wasteways are both the byproducts that start from the Columbia by the way of Banks Lake then Lakes Park, Blue, Lenore and finally Soap and into the West Canal where it branches out near the town of Winchester.
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  10. Wasteway's. You want to fish a wasteway?? Do you duck hunt on sewage ponds??

    Stick to Drains. They are better fishing!!

    How's that for an inside joke!!
  11. Anyone ever angled in Lind Coulee? Hunted many a duck there and often wondered what swims in its waters.
  12. Carp, bass, walleye, perch and some crappie are back there.
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  13. Perfect!

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