Creekside Seattle Closing the Doors

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Connor H, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. For those of you that have not heard, we recently announced that after almost 10 years, Creekside Angling Company is closing it's Seattle location.

    With sales at the Issaquah store steadily rising and the Seattle numbers decreasing (along with downtown parking spaces) it was a decision we had to make.

    We here at Creekside appreciate all of your business over the years in Seattle and we look forward to seeing you all at our Issaquah location. Stop in and say goodbye to Keith and Bob Aid...we'll be open until the inventory is gone. Don't worry, Keith and Bob will be joining us in Issaquah.

    See you on the river,

    The Creekside staff
  2. Will Bob be working at the Issaquah location or is he ready to retire?
  3. Well shit, I'm sorry to hear that. I would be happy to come visit the issaquah store. I looked it up and there is no address or map of the store's prevalent on the web site. It might be a good idea to plaster that all over the web site, for retard's like me. It would also help your google ranking.
  4. Bob and Keith will be joining us at the Issaquah store after the closure of Seattle.
    Rainbow- our location is 1410 NW Gilman Blvd Issaquah, 98027
  5. Hey Rainbow! If you go to their site you'll find a link in the middle of the home page that says Issaquah and Downtown Seattle. Click on it and you'll see a google map link.
  6. Sorry to hear about this.Keith and Bob run a great shop.This leaves one local fly shop and aint no way in hell I'd give them a dime.Looks like the internet wins.
  7. In the last couple of years I've been using the Issaquah location more and more often but it's too bad the downtown location isn't earning it's keep anymore. But I must say that the last couple of times I've tried to make it to the downtown location, it's a real bear finding parking. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Good luck with the consolidation!
  8. This really sucks. 2 blocks from my office. Sorry to hear of this, Keith and Bob. Glad you'll be landing at Issaquah though.
  9. Sucks to hear the Seattle folks are losing a local shop but glad to hear you aren't going out of biz altogether!
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  10. I think the only shop we have left is Patrick's that's walking distance from the downtown core. Interestingly enough I find myself going to Outdoor Emporium a lot. They have super convenient parking and a great staff.

    The new guys (especially Adam) at OE have really turned the fly dept around. They have much better fly selections with spirit river and umpqua and have been stocking a lot of great tying material as well. Adam is always over the top generous in terms of letting you try out lines... plus I heard him flat out refuse to tell a guy where specific runs were to a dude who had brought in a huge map. Mad props... make that guy bust his waders like everyone else.

    I'll definitely miss creekside. Keith and Bob were top notch and it's hard to beat a small dedicated fly shop. You guys are definitely going to be missed!
  11. Wow, I am down in Phoenix AZ on vacation and they also heard about the closing of the Seattle Creekside yesterday when visiting a fly shop here. Sorry to hear about it! News travels fast, or they read WFF in AZ!
  12. Hate to see them go,but the OE has really stepped up their game.I was in on Tues and they had quality rods & reels and tying stuff aplenty.They seem serious about fly fishing finally.
  13. my dad Rueben from Fish Hunter and i will have to come say hi at the Issaquah location. i have not been there yet and have been wanting to say high.

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