Crooked Creek, Oregon

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  1. Day two of a five day outing shows we've made the right calls so far.

    Today on Crooked River, a mid-afternoon hatch of Pale Morning/Evening Duns had us bring 15-20 fish to hand per hour, per angler! So far, the fish are running about 12" on average, with the smallest being 9" and the largest 16". Most are 11-13".

    Mornings are slow, but we've been able to work fish throughout the day without having to get dirty (i.e. go nymphing). 100% dry fly work so far. PMDs and some small caddis have been the key . I don't think we've got a fish on anything bigger than a #16 so far _ #18 Dark EHC and #20 PMDs are hot flies this week.

    As a self-promotion plug (and plug for my publishers): Note that this is a working trip as I'm field testing new rods/reels for Mens Journal and Gear Institute ( This trip I have new rods and/or reels from Redington, Sage, Orvis and Scott. I'll try to get Allen worked into the mix later this month and Winston is 'considering' participation in the test.

    Crooked Creek_2012  001.jpg Crooked Creek_2012  002.jpg Crooked Creek_2012  003.jpg Crooked Creek_2012  004.jpg Crooked Creek_2012  005.jpg Crooked Creek_2012  006.jpg Crooked Creek_2012  007.jpg
  2. Nice looking water Dan. Crooked is in the general are of Bend?
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  3. North of Bend - maybe 20-30 miles? About 20 miles east of Redmond. We might try the Metolius tomorrow, though it looks like that area to our west is pretty heavy with smoke from the Sisters-area forest fire.
  4. That area is on my list for early season fishing next year. It think they have a slightly earlier opener on some of those rivers.
    We've got some smoke here too. This morning it was much thicker and I think it was triggering the PMD hatch much like an overcast day would.
  5. When I grow up I want to test gear for a living ;). Sounds like a great trip so far Dan....... thanks for sharing.
  6. Oh man, I'll be down there in just over a week. The Crooked is my plan for hopefully getting my (mostly) novice wife into some fish. Good to see it's fishing well!
  7. One of my brothers showed up today and he picked up a fly rod for the first time in more than 30 years. Basically, he's a raw newby. Had a fish in the net within the first 15 minutes in the river.

    Got a little tougher after that, but still had a good bite on for most of the afternoon.

    Right now, we are finding the best action coming on small PMDs in the afternoons, and #14-#16 rust-colored caddis in the mornings. Brings lots of each in a variety of sizes -- fish seem to be pretty selective about size but not so picky about perfect color match.
  8. Isn't that the Crooked "RIVER". There are two Crooked Creeks that I know of and they are not close to Redmond. One is a trib to the Owyhee river. And the other is located entirely within the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness. All of the tributaries of Crooked Creek are in Washington State. Just the last one ½ mile of Crooked Creek is in Oregon before it flows into the Wenaha River. I think there is another near Kalamath falls that is mostly a bass fishery with some trout. I'm not trying to be one of those "Correction JERKS". I'm just curious because if I missed it, I wish I knew about it, I fish that area as much as possible.
  9. You are correct, Tedious. I think "Creek" is the default setting in mind when talking about "Crooked" waters -- in part because of my early life in the Wenaha area (grew up in Dayton and frequently hiked and hunted the Crooked Creek area of the Wenaha basin).

    This report is about the CROOKED RIVER running through Prineville.

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