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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by GAT, Apr 13, 2014.

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    Well, I had a choice. I could go back to Olalla or drive another hour and fish Cleawox near Florance (in Oregon). Rocky was going with me this time and he doesn't fish as much as he once did so he didn't care where we went... he just wanted to go fishing.

    I opted for Olalla because it is much closer to home and I had a problem with the starting system of the ol' F150 that was fixed last week but when it comes to an old truck, I'm a bit paranoid about the thing not starting when I'm done fishing.

    The ODF&W plant the devil out of the coastal lakes during the Spring. Once they stop planting the lakes, things taper off considerably. The Power Bait folks hit the lakes hard so the planters don't last long.

    Olalla was planted a number of weeks ago so I brought my fish/depth finder to make sure there were actually trout remaining in the lake. There were. Catching them was a different story.

    The weather has been nice for a week so I figured the lake would have warmed up so the trout would be holding closer to the surface. Nope. They were still hugging the bottom. Olalla is a reservoir and quite deep. The trout don't move far from where they were planted and that just happens to be in the deepest part of the lake: 50-60 feet.

    Midges were hatching but they were tiny guys and no fish were rising. I could have tried the bobber system but a 50 foot leader wasn't something I wanted to try and cast.

    So I opted for a super fast sinking line to get somewhere close to where the trout were holding. I also opted to try one of my experimental patterns I tied specifically for Olalla. Within five minutes of launching, I caught a trout.

    Hey, I thought, this is going to be a good day. The fish finder was marking a decent number of fish and I caught one right off the bat. I hooked another one but lost it.

    Rock finally showed up and was trying patterns that normally work at the lake.

    We finned around and I continued to mark fish... hugging the bottom. I caught another one.

    Then someone must have rang a bell. I had a number of hits but nothing stuck. Hours passed. I gave one of the experimental patterns to Rocky for him to try. He didn't even get a hit... for the entire trip.

    So that was it. The bank anglers disappeared. The boat folks loaded up and left the lake.

    I stopped getting hits. I tried different flies. Zippo. I tried smoking a different brand of cigar... that didn't help.

    Guess we should have gone to Cleawox. There was no problem starting the ol' F150.

    The only good thing that came from the trip was that the weather wise nice and the wind was minimal.... and my experimental pattern worked -- at least for awhile.

    However, I now have high hopes for the experimental pattern and will try it again at other stillwaters.

    The pattern is a size 10 WB tied with a light olive tail and body with a black hackle and gold bead head.

    This is the first time I tried using a black hackle with an olive pattern but I figured black and olive have worked in the past in stillwaters so I tied the pattern with a little different approach. Today I'm tying soft hackles with a light olive body and a black hackle collar.

    In this flyfishing game, sometimes you win, sometimes the trout win. Yesterday, the trout won.
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    Sounds to me like you still had fun, Gene. I tied flies all day yesterday in & around other chores, including making "wanna-be" furled leaders sans jig. Lawn work & smoking pork today; I tend to avoid fishing on weekends (actually, the weekend crowds) now that I'm retired. Tomorrow morning, the 'yak & I will hit the water (well, hopefully only the 'yak hits the water; my preference is to stay on the 'yak.).
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    When I retired I also quit fishing on weekends. I have all week to fish alone. Which I enjoy because there is nobody around to bother you. I have most rivers to myself. This way I can make a fool out of myself and nobody will see me.
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    Great report Gene. I checked out a couple coastal lakes when I was around Florence, camping with the family. I liked the idea of fishing these coastal lakes. I once read an article about fishing Coho in the Situk and have dreamed about fishing it during the fall run ever since!
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    At least you were out there trying.
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    Best thing is you were out fishing.
    I am now stuck at home with a oil tank that has contaminated the soil from leaking like a sieve. Waiting to see how much it will cost me.
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    Here's the experimental pattern I was using. The color combination is something new for me.

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    The fly looks really fishy. I'm going to tie up a few and do some experimenting too.
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    Depending on your computer screen, the color of green may look more chartreuse than olive but it is called a light olive. Damsel Olive is close.

    Normally I tend more toward olive brown or a medium colored olive for my leech and WB patterns but this time I wanted to test a lighter color of olive and at least for awhile, the approach worked. I also used shorter barbed, stiff dry fly quality feathers when I normally will use long, soft saddle feathers.

    I've also been experimenting with the use of black hackle for soft hackle patterns. Usually, you to with grizz, partridge, mallard or some other multi-colored feather for soft hackles but the black has worked with some of the patterns I've tried.

    I have no idea why.
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    ... and of course, one of the guys here at work went to Cleawox and everyone there was doing great. Lots of fish and some where quite large.:eek:

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    Good to hear you got out Gene! It can be a crap shoot this time of year...things are just starting over here. Beautiful day Friday when i had to work, then the weekend dropped about 15 degrees and the wind was blowing a steady 15 to 20 MPH. Now Monday comes and the wind is back down and the temp is back up! I decided to wait till next weekend, but heard a good report from one of the local lakes from a trolling friend.
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    Hi Mark watch out for those EPA guys they are worst than the Tax man
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    God forbid those EPA guys try to enforce environmental laws.
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    Yeah, yeah... it was good to get out... right. No it wasn't. I'm in this game to catch fish, not just to go fishing. I wasn't skunked but three planters is hardly anything to write home about.

    Really, I go fishing with the idea of catching a decent number of fish in mind ... unless I'm steelhead fishing... then I figure I'm not going to touch a fish. :):):)
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    Update on this pattern. I tied the WB up with black tungsten beads and gave a few to one of my fishing buddies. He tried them at Olalla on Thursday and it was the only fly that worked for him. So, this one is a keeper.
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