curiosity on the Wallace river/upper Skykomish

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  1. Lately I've been punishing the Skykomish from sultan to index to no avail. I have noticed people on the Wallace river rightthere of the highway and have considered having a go at it but never actually delved into it. What tactics work best, swinging or indicator tactics and does the Wallace produce well from below three hatchery to the confluence?. Another curiosity of mine, 2 actually, is around goldbar. Standing around the park n ride right there in town on the other side of the tracks, the water right against the rip rap seems too fast, but further up river it looks to hold some promising water. Are there any access points around Gunn road or somewhere below big Eddy but above goldbar that are worth checking out? Than there is the boulder garden that is visible after Reiter (highway side) but below the blue bridge before the junction that takes you to index. I've seen cars along the road but have never spoke to anyone who has worked this water our if its even worth pursuing chrome above Reiter at all. I still have yet to float from big Eddy down stop if any one has Assn extra seat on a drift, I'll be your huckleberry. But really,any input is obliged. I don't expect your secret honey hole but PM me if you might be willing to share but not tell any and all on the internet. for what its worth, when I am Privileged enough to be let in ona lesser known walk in, I will always bring only myself and leave by myself disturbing no fish because I don't catch any. Just get allot of casting practice
  2. there is some natives that return to the north fork i was reading the other day in a book however it is a very small number in 100's or so. If you willing to hike from high bridge there is some beautiful water but you have to get on it early otherwise the gear guys will just start casting over you and your drift.

    i have somewhat given up on the sky as i find fishing the stilly, suak, and skagit more fun and i am rarelly bumping elbows with people. To me its worth the extra 20-45 minutes drive to fish the north rivers. maybe we could link up this saturday or sunday and chase some steel
  3. I have actually spent a fair amount of time on the stilly this past summer/fall and have become a fan of the north fork for sure. The Sauk has also interested me but seeing how I couldn't catch herpes on water I've become familiar with, the Sauk seems that much more intimidating.
  4. Wallace: is tight quarters small stream. not really a swinging (present day context) river. more of an indicator style stream. you can walk and wade it in current conditions. some do good there, others just bang away at it. closer you get to the outlet the better your chances are (usual hatchery stuff).
    As for the river run across from Gold Bar, if you can do it without being run off by the railroad guys or the town cops - have at it. it does hold fish. but really is more of a gear run in winter.
    now from big eddy upstream is great water. but its a hike and ankle killer from either side.
    above reiter your chasing north fork fish, or natives. not that many but good water and worth the learning.
    North fork of the Sky is a treasure that was NOT protected by the WDFW (not just my opinion). it holds/held native steel both winter and summer. it also is worth the learning.
    not sure how safe it is to park up there anymore.
    i have many fond memories of that stream. both gear and fly.
    lots of water. most of it is hatchery zone fishery (now). very sad. Explore, have fun. watch where you park.!!! not kidding !
  5. I would stay below Reiter, most the fish will be from there down. There are a lot of good walk-in runs between Gold Bar and Reiter, depending on how far you want to walk. Look at aerials to get ideas on access (like Google Earth) and go check it out. Just because you have fished a run multiple times without a fish, doesn't necessarily mean it is not a good run - temperature, clarity and water levels are huge on the Sky. If you find a run that looks good, try it at different levels to find out when it fishes best. One of my favorite runs didn't produce a fish the first 5-6 times I fished it, now it produces fairly regularly when I fish it at the right level.

    The Sky is a beautiful river, but doesn't give up fish easily.
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  6. Sky rise- thank you for the insight, I will be putting that tip to good use. It feels good to be reassured that I am choosing as we'll as spotting good holding water. That has been my biggest question mark. Followed by getting my fly in the strike zone and keeping it there. I was thinking of picking my way to sunset falls when I was on my way to Stevens pass the other weekend after reading an article about WDFW trucking smolts up and even above though I am interested in below. But finding the falls in relative to the road is what stops me.

    Die hard- the water levels have been brutal this winter! Having to use intermediate tips in some spots, though I probably was just making a rookie mistake. What temp should the water be around and in your opinion? Or is that also going to vary from run to run? I have been pushing my buddy (not as hard as I would like, but some people gotta work) to float from big eddy down to sultan. I have been calling the sky my home water but have not had the privilege seeing the runs I frequent from a boats perspective.

    So if any one reading this needs some weight to balance the boat or show where NOT to fish PM please! I got a vehicle to run a shuttle (especially if I have been blessed with gasoline) but I will gladly accommodate anyone needing a seat filled. Thank you everyone for the advice and even more thanks for divulging your hard earned experience. I can't sit ate computer talking about fishing anymore. I must go put it to practice. See you outthere
  7. New water found in goldbar. But apperantly private property is not a good place to park even if it isn't posted no matter how poorly visible it is or not at all for that matter. I must find a way to get permission or another place I can legally be parked . I have positive vibrations about this one..
  8. Permission to park on private land is always best... unless you like buying tires
  9. I have not been there in years but there was fisherman acess easement (or whatever you call it) right off dorman road before high bridge. There are some really nice strecthes of water to fish back there. Parking was not an issue last time I was there, but since have heard it might not be as easy to park. I don't know if that easement still exists or not. It was not marked well
  10. Be aware of where you park, my side window got broken with nothing stolen yesterday in Startup on the road that takes you to the mouth of the Wallace. So there's that.
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  11. Good luck. I don't believe there are any secret spots left on that river. We missed it by 30 years buddy!
  12. Maybe true, but I believe there are a few forgotten spots, that were shared among a few and they are now waiting to be rediscovered again, by someone who will share it with only a few too. Beautiful river! :) Use your map!
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  13. I love wading it. Finding safe spots off of the highway is the toughest part, but just like Porter said if you use the maps and do your homework you can find places.
  14. The tweakers have a way of discovering our forgotten spots. Ask me how I know.
  15. Yeah, I always think twice about a certain spot if there's fresh glass shards on the ground.
  16. they have been thick this year. Seems noticeably worse each season.
  17. Had my window busted out last month and wallet stolen on the sky. Last time I leave my wallet in the car. I'm just thankful they didn't get the rod and reel I had in the back. I can think of a lot better things to spend 200 bones on than a new window...
  18. had my bad experience on the lower snohomish last fall.
    guys Do NOT leave anything in your rigs. its just asking for trouble. troutdope sorry to hear that. have parked around that location this winter myself. it seems the tweakers are on the prowl more and more.
  19. Well Atleast your rigs were raided on the river. They got 1000$ worth of rods, my spey set up (stolen right around the 1 year mark) and a7wt single hand that was a friends first salmon set up that he gifted to me for my first setup so that had sentimental value that had no price tag, stolen right out in front of my house, I almost cried
  20. I'm not sure what they tried to get out of my car, I always keep it spotless of anything visible. I'm assuming they were going to either take the whole car or whatever parts they could scavenge. I guess my alarm made sure they didn't get that far. Fortunately for them, they didn't get to meet my friends Smith and Wesson along the way.

    anyways, in my experience as long as you get away from spots that are easy to access to the average gear guy, or that take some effort getting to, you can usually fish in relative solitude on the river, then it's just assholes in jet boats that you have to contend with. Which, it would appear, is everyone who owns a jet boat.

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