Custom 13' 6" 7 wts.....What's your poison?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by JS, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Asked the same question on speypages....Basically I am ready to move the Z-Axis 7136 to a backup, and pick up a custom do-all 7 wt. Looking for feedback from all you who toss burkies, andersons, meisers, and such. Looking for the same range of functionality that the 7136 offers, with the ability to throw delta, scandi, and skagit lines in the range of 480-600 gr.
  2. Lots of great rods out there and the one you got is among them for sure...a Berkhiemer, Mieser or Anderson will be very different in comparison...not better or worse but different. You really need to try them all to get a real feel for them.
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  3. I agree with James that there are many good rods in the 7 weight league.

    Meiser 13'6 7/8 is really incredible regarding to the feel in casting and the versatility in different line systems. The action should give you a good contrast compare to the Z-Axis.
  4. Cf Burkheimer 7133_3 is hands down the best all purpose 7wt spey rod on the planet
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  5. For a little more juice at 600 grains you might consider the CFB 8133-3. The "do-all" for steelhead is an 8, not a opinion. The "functionality" will be obvious on day one.
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  6. My favorite rod for both summer and winter fish has been the Thomas and Thomas 1307-3. I have fished and caught many a winter and summer fish on it (with both skagit and scandi lines). Now T&T is releasing a newer designed four piece version of this rod. I was able to cast a new prototype/soon to be released thanks to K2Flyfisher, and it rocks. The new 1307-4 stick is amazing, and in my mind even better than the original.
  7. I've been fishing the Vision Cult 7134 for not quite a year and it's butter smooth. 6/7 Delta or 500 skagit.
  8. That is why I am picking the collective brain of the interwebs. My intent was to get a general idea of what custom rod manufacturers to test cast, and which to rule out. I am really leaning toward the MKS 13678, due to its wide grain window, and scores of recomendations. I will be out at the Sandy Clave tossing my options this spring.
  9. That's it, right there. Wait until the Sandy Clave. Talk to the makers. Cast them all, on the water! Maybe do some calls beforehand and let them know your intentions. Hopefully, they will all be there, with products on display.
  10. YA!! WHAT HE SAID:cool:

    8wts R my primary winter rods for their ability to launch payloads effortlessly that I require for the fishing I do and the line systems that I prefer..
  11. Cf Burkheimer 7133_3 is hands down the best all purpose 7wt spey rod on the planet "

    I'm with you 99%of the way on that call. The only one that stacks up as good is the Anderson 13'9" 7wt. When I give 'lessons' I can guarantee you those two rods will be on the Jeep's rod rack.
  13. I agree on the comments of the 7133, hands down its the most used rod I own.
  14. what lines?
  15. Best cast a few first. I cast a 7133 burkie and was not that impressed. Much preffer the feel and flex of the Burkie 7134 and Meiser 13' 678 highlander

  16. Had to laugh out loud. This is precisely why we have so many of the darned things. Over time your 'taste' in rod actions will evolve. "Welcome to the Dark Side!"
  17. Evolve to your taste? Lol
  18. I have a Meiser 13'6" 7wt S rod, with two tips. one is the regular S rod tip, the other is a turbo tip. The turbo is about 25% stiffer than the regular tip, which regresses the blank towards the butt a bit, giving an action that reminds me of an MKS but not as much. The rod still likes bottom hand too, and it's lighter than an MKS. That rod will cast any kind of line, pretty much!
  19. +1 to SS's comments above. A few custom rod makers are now selling two tip rods. The second tip can be used as a 'back up' if needed but the real reason is the stiffer tip is set up for a Skagit line system. The lighter for Scandi's.

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