FS Custom Brown trout leather wallet

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  1. My sister made me one that is similar to this. She is hand tools, paints, dyes, and makes these from scratch. I love mine so much she decided to make another, but she can make one that is 100% custom for you. She is asking 50.00$ which includes shipping. KIMG0134.JPG KIMG0135.JPG KIMG0136.JPG
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  2. sold...I'll take this one...PM sent.
  3. Just the fact that she hand tooled the entire thing and did the painting, etc by hand makes me want the wallet. No idea if it'll even fit in my pocket...I just want it. Thanks for posting it for her. I'm thinking Xmas gift for the kids with another couple of these. For now...I'd like the one pictured above.
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  4. Thanks Montana! She can make these for anyone else like i said. She can customize them also if interested. This one is sold but you can get also get one in 3-4 weeks if anyone else is interested!
  5. Can she do knife scabbards?
  6. she should make fly wallets lined with foam or sheep's wool like those old jean jackets in the 80's!!! bet she'd make a killing selling those.....just a thought
  7. She is making me one as we speek actually... I guess I am her product tester
  8. My mom has three big time fly fishing sons who'e love a custom leather fly wallet...so if she's looking for more customers let me know...I don't know how fast she can knock em out but xmas is coming!!! I bet mom would buy three of em for sure at the right price for xmas gifts...even if they were not delivered with santa and came a little late....if your sisters interested in the work shoot me a price and a size idea probably doesn't have to be to fancy maybe some initials on it or a fish would be cool steelhead/trout/salmon species I don't know just throwing the idea out there if your sisters interested shoot like i said give me a price and size idea my bro's and I would love these and be the envy of all out fishing buddies!!!
  9. I bought the one pictured above...and couldn't be any happier with it. Your sister is quite the leather craftswoman. Wonderful wallet and love every part of it. Thank her for me please. I will most likely be ordering a couple more for my sons in the future. Thanks again...I'm very happy. The wallet was worth every penny of the $50 I paid for it.
  10. These are cool man I showed em to my mom and she said if she's interested in making fly wallets for flies shed be down to buy at least 3 for me and my two brothers. And no rush on em either just if your sister is interested. I think a fly wallet would be easier than a real wallet cuz you just need it to fold in half with some foam or wool on the insides and like a button with a leather strap to hold it closed but I'd use one for sure. like a 5x7 4x6 in type thing....I don't know what would be the best size one big enough to hold some decent sized fly's yet small enough to stuff in a jacket pocket or front wader pouch would be ideal....if your sisters interested lemme know my mom will buy 3 for sure!!
  11. Im glad you like it!
  12. Ill just put out her email to make life easier! Her email is sierramay84@gmail.com shoot her an email, and Im sure you guys can work something out!!!!
  13. Sweet thanks man, I'll pass it on to my mom and see if I can't help make your sister a little extra $$$$

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