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  1. Hey all,
    I thought I would share something that greatly helped moving my pontoon boat from the parking lot down to the lake and back! Its easy to put together, parts should be very standard (which makes them easy to find), and best of all its cheap!

    I've owned a couple of pontoons since 2004 made by WaterSkeeter (which now appears to be gone away). They've held up really well over the years, but they've always had one major flaw that goes for almost all pontoon boats - portaging.

    I always seem to be dragging them from truck to shore or using another person to pick up the other end to haul it.
    Of course, there are some after-market and manufacturer based solutions, but they always seemed to be pricy - $100+ in most situations and some seem to be manufacturer specific.

    So I thought i would approach this problem from a different angle...
    I decided to go to a bike store that sold used bike parts to try to put something together that would attach and un-attach to the frame of the pontoon boat frame easily.

    Turns out this was a lot easier than I thought it would be - 3 parts were really all I needed: bike stem (attaches boat frame to bike fork), cheap bike fork, and a wheel.
    In total, this set up cost me less than $25.

    I just tested this setup on a trip to Leech Lake this week and it worked perfectly!
    And for those of you wondering, I actually did not portage from the boat launch on the east end of the lake (where its easy), but rather, from parking lot leading down to the west end of the lake. About a 500 foot walk downhill on a rough trail with small saplings growing on the trail.

    What you see in the pic is seat portion of the frame with stem/fork/wheel setup I recently put together.
    One thing that made this all easier is to take this part of your frame, (if you can), into the bike shop - measuring the diameter of your frame is critical in getting a bike stem and fork that is compatible.

    Hope this helps some of you who were wondering how to do something similar on the cheap!

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  2. Nice. How was Leech?
  3. Leech was a bit slow. Not too many catching even though the weather was awesome.
    We ended up getting into fish under an indicator - the key was finding the right color.
    In the evening though, the fish became a little more brave/hungry after the sun had gone behind the ridge.
  4. Was doing a search on how to put wheel on a friends boat, and this sight and your idea came up, thank you !
  6. How do you attach and detach it from the frame?

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