Cut out the Middle Man

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by GAT, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Seems obvious to me. When it comes to hatchery fish, cut out the middle man when you get the chance. :)

    Fish truck 1_edited-1.jpg

    Fish truck 2.jpg
  2. The Trout Mobile, coming soon to a park near you.
  3. The photos were taken long, long ago at the dealership where I work. The guys in the photos are much older now with much less hair.

    The ODF&W brought their hatchery truck in for repair and of course, the angling jokers at the dealership took advantage of the situation.
  4. New title for "Stillwater" fishing site.
  5. Hmmm..... makes perfect sense to me. I wonder why that is:eek:
  6. This is not a complete picture!!!......where are the Indians and commercial guys with their nets?
  7. A lot of funny stuff happens at auto dealerships but it's probably better if the public doesn't know:D If the ODF&W dropped off one of their hatchery trucks today, most likely the anglers in the shop would install a GPS tracking device. .....:) (sorta)

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