Cut Plug Herring Blocked?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ptphisher, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. ptphisher

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    I have a question, I have began to notice a certain MA 9 beach that is primarly fished by gear guys rigged up with herring is very tough to get a coho on the fly. Even when fish are in it seems that all the guys with harring are pulling in the fish and I am not even getting a look. So my question is, does the herring, wioth its smell and probably more movement if the cut it corectly, keep the fish more interested and away from my fly. Should I try beaches that are less utilized by gear guys fishing natural bait?
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    Herring is just often a very effective way to catch salmon. I don't think having lots of herring guys around reduces your odds more than having a bunch of ACTUAL bait around. Some days the "bite" just doesn't seem to be there for flies and the herring guys kill it. Some days the gear chuckers do well and the bait guys don't. Some days the fly fisherman are killing it.

    Most days the good fisherman are catching the fish. :p
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  3. Stonefish

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    One option to consider.
    Fish down current just past the last guy tossing herring. That way when the fish enter the rip and smell the herring the first thing they see is your fly.
    That being said, if they are hooking up on herring that tells you fish are present. You should be scoring with flies as well.
    Good luck
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    If you are fishing where I think you are, the local herring guys know that the ocean run Coho are cruising by in pods tight to shore. This is why they aren't wading up to nearly their chests like they do in other areas. Most hardware and fly guys cast straight out where primarily only rezzies are feeding. The best fly tactic is to cast at a 45 degree angle downstream and twitch your fly in the traveling lane tight to the bank. The faster the current, the tighter to shore you should keep your fly.
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  5. Smalma

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    ptphisher -
    For several years I fish flies from a boat while my partners fished cut plug herring. The flies consistently held their own and some days significantly outfished their bait. I suspect the issue may be more related to the depth being fished. What I did notice is the often had to get my flies down a little deeper to consistently catch fish and compete with the herring. The aggressive fish would come all the way to the surface but here in the sound the coho were often not as aggressive.

    With lots of anglers fishing an area the activity can put the fish off a bit resulting in fish less likely to chase bait/flies all the way to the surface. Might try fishing a bit deeper using higher density sink tips or full sinking lines. I had better luck with those sinking lines than heavy weighted flies - having a fly "hover" /pause at a productive depth seemed to a strike trigger that competed well.

  6. dibling

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    I don't think so. I fished one of these beaches two weeks ago with the herring crowd and still picked up a couple of silvers. Space out from them a bit and you'll be successful. They cruise right up to the beach chasing (real) bait, so expect your fly to get hit right under your toes.
  7. dp

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    cut plug herring is just down right effective. it has gotten me more kings this seasons than hoochie/dodger setup or tomic plugs or spoons. when fishing from my boat with down riggers, I always have one line out with bait. What has been real good this season also is one of those triangle agitor flashers with a cured cut plug behind it - the most productive method (new this year fo rme) overall.
    looks like kings are waning in area 11. taking a break from the salt for this weekend and waiting for the coho to come in
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    My advice would be to read, re-read, and perhaps read once more the posts above by Stonefish and Sciguy. Those two posts offer up some VERY good insight for those who are willing to pay attention.

    As Matt mentioned , its generally the good fisherman catching the fish, and IMO one way to help become a good fisherman is to pick up the nuggets of wisdom that are often shared in these threads.
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  9. Steve Saville

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    One more thing to consider is finding a really good herring imitation. There are several in the fly tying section. They are big flies so you will have to step up to a rod that will handle the larger flies.
  10. Evan Burck

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    I have fished right next to and between the herring throwers on probably the same MA9 beach. I've done just fine next to them. If you're not getting bit change what you're doing until you do.
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  11. Bagman

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    What he said. I've never fished with Stonefish but I have fish a lot with Sicguy over the last 2 years, and I can tell you firsthand Sicguy does catch a lot of fish.
  12. SciGuy

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    Case in point. This one has been lighting it up lately.

  13. Jack Devlin

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    Get right in between a couple of herring guys or down current of them and try one of these.
    Also, you could get chummy with one of them and borrow a herring to rub on your fishing fly.:D
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