Cutthroat Poachers!!!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Saltman, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Saltman

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    There have been a number of reports of Cutthroat Poachers at Lion's Field lately. Keep an eye out for guys throwing worms carrying stringers of 8" Cutts. REPORT THEM! Remember to get descriptions, license #'s and call the poacher hotline 1-877-933-9847. The State can't do it alone....
  2. jcnewbie

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    Maybe you could help us out here a little bit......where is Lions Field? Cedar River...?

  3. Go Fish

    Go Fish Language, its a virus

    Lions field is a park in East Bremerton.

  4. jcnewbie

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    Tanks...never been there.
  5. Gary Thompson

    Gary Thompson dirty dog

    Hang'em high
  6. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

    Some of those signs that Don had should be posted. I'll see if I can get some from Peninsula Outfitters if I'm up that way. Jerks!
  7. Don Freeman

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    I just talked about this with my contact at WDFW. Call the Hotline number as soon as you see the violation, and the dispatcher will send the message to all officers currently on duty. Getting the license plate number is golden. Be discreet as possible, I was seen photographing bait fishermen at Munn Lake recently, and the guys took off immediately. Of course they came back at he same time the next day, and were busted, but they usually are bright enough to realize they've been identified. License plate numbers with vehicle description, number, age and gender of poachers seems to the most important details they ask for.

    I have plenty of conservation signs available, and will mail them to you. Even if the sign doesn't prevent determined poachers, posting one on site prevents claiming ignorance of the regs.

    Keep up the good work.
  8. d. rose

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    Awesome job. Thank you for your diligence, these guys are scum.
  9. TD

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    Nice thing about the signs is that EVERYONE sees them. That gives the potential for anyone on the beach to question their activity. Not everyone knows the difference between a SRC and a Coho or other fish.
  10. Jeff Hale

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    Get Mumbles down there! He'll go RAMBO on their asses, take their fish off the stringer and throw them back inthe water, and then smack em' so hard it knocks the taste right out of their mouth! Get em' ED!
  11. colton rogers

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    cant someone just ya know... take em to the alley?:D
  12. Ed Call

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    Damn Jeff, you've got a great memory. Don't think I've not passed through that area for a "walk" a couple of times since Saltman's post. Remember, that was not my finest moment and the fish was on the lure, not on the stringer.
  13. Blktailhunter

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    Ok, don't leave us hanging. . Now you must tell us the story.
  14. Ed Call

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    Blktailhunter, not one of my more rational or shining moments. If you really want to know read this: I lost my cool today
    I could have handled things a lot differently. My friend could have too. I guess it is better to be lucky, and I was.
    I've still got that blue fox pixie around somewhere.
  15. Old Man

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    Shit, I haven't fished in or around Bremerton since I was about 14. I'm 75 now.
  16. Jerry White

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    Aw come on Mumbles... I loved that story! Those of us who fight for native trout appreciate someone who is willing to really throw down for native trout!

    Also the signs are a great idea... we have signs on the Spokane River and WDFW tell us that (for those poachers that don't want to actually heed the advice on the sign) the signs really help in providing for the successful prosecution of poachers... a poacher cannot play the ignorance card in front of a judge nearly as easily when a warden can report a sign was just up the bank. It makes a difference... I hope you get'em.
  17. Scott Orness

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    5 state enforcement dudes on a 24 foot kick a$$ inflatable with 3 brand new 250HP on the back gave me a ticket for not writing down my 3 crab right away last week. I thought we were in a recession? It must cost the state serious $ to have all 5 of them on one REALLY nice boat sucking up a BIG # of gallons of gas per hour. I learned my lesson with the ticket, but it sure would be nice to see those guys spread out and protecting the public's resources better. All it would take is one of these guys at Lions.
  18. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

    That sounds like a crock of poop! I mean, it sucks.
  19. Blake Harmon

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    We cant be so adamant about following the rules if we don't do so ourselves. That fancy state boat wouldn't have bothered you, had you done what you were supposed too :X
    "right away" is very relative
  20. Saltman

    Saltman "Just Fish!"

    It is amazing that when it comes to Shrimp, Salmon and Crab the WDFW has serious resourses (airplanes, boats, manpower, etc) to enforce. Trout, Sea Run or otherwise seem to be very low on the enforcement priority list.......