Cutthroat Poachers!!!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Saltman, Jun 3, 2010.

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    Thanks for the reply, Don. You may be right about "giving them the green light." At least some of the poachers would see it that way. I'm sure tha for some of them, a rule change wouldn't change their behavior much. Right now they can't legally keep any Searun Cutts at all in any of the rivers or streams that empty into Willapa Bay. But I'm betting that some of the old timers might be content to keep only 14"ers or greater if they could do so legally.

    I have a cell phone now, and know how to text the Tipp line, and even have the local Gamies' personal cell#s written down, too. I'm putting all those on "speed dial."

    Sometimes there are so few people in any one area at any one time, that violators can figure out that you "must have been the one" who called them in (if they saw you), since nobody else (who wasn't a known poacher-friendly local) was around there at the time. This has happened to me, and I got some negatory feedback about it on several occasions. Now I'm kinda paranoid, and thinking of getting a few sidearms and a cwp.