Cutts, Brookies, Browns, Bows and a Dolly

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    It's not often you get to to catch three different trout species in a row standing in one spot but on a certain Cascade stream within two hours of Seattle I was blekssed with a special day and that very thing happened to me. I was hoping for a grand slam after hearing rumors of cutts living in this small stream as well. Although that evening I didn't get the grand slam it was perhaps one of the most productive 2.5hrs I have ever had. I was with one friend and we fished one long riffle/tailout until about dark. Steve was still a novice but really enjoyed it even thought he missed some fish he landed two very health bows. I had 11 bows, a 10" brookie and a 14" brown. Unfortunately we I took out my camera and turned it on I saw "NO SD" on the screen and just about lost it. If I hadn't had Steve as a witness I probably would have hiked back to the car to get my iphone. We returned the next day and found another guy fishing the same whole. He told us he had been fishing there the day before for most of the afternoon and caught more than a dozen. Which meant that that 150ft stretch of water only 20ft wide and 6ft at the deepest little spot of the whole gave up close to 30 nice trout that day. We used large caddis, stimulators, G stones. I didn't nymph once but it probably would have been a better choice the next day when it was slower. So I have pics of another Brookie I caught the second day and a nice bows Steve caught. Sorry didn't get the brown on camera but Steve will swear to it. I was fishing the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie and caught lots of nice Cutts and even a Dolly all on dries too! Which makes it the first time I've caught 3 different trout species in a week let alone 5! 562797_4362584072276_1848651325_n.jpg 338610_4362587752368_481686509_o.jpg 622667_4362586792344_1311320661_o.jpg
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    Nice report

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