Da Boys

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  1. What a great time yesterday at Fall Orvis Days! I got to share some quality time with great friends and fellow searun and beach fly fishers: Bob Triggs, Richard Stoll, Preston Singletary, Les Johnson, yours truly, and Doug Rose.

    Leland Da Boys.JPG
  2. Sorry, but it began correctly and uploaded from the south pole. I guess the list should begin from Doug Rose and read right to left.

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  3. As I was trying to figure out the Sea Run Cutthroat game for the first time yesterday I was secretly hoping that at least one of the guys in your pic would appear around the bend and bestow some wisdom.
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  5. Soory I missed it. It looks like the "Who's Who" of Northwest Flyfishing. I'll bet there were a lot of stories flying around that place.
  6. Maybe I can help with that photo:

    Da Boys.JPG

    Bob Triggs, Richard Stoll, Preston Singletary, Les Johnson, Leland Miyawaki, and Doug Rose.
  7. Thanks Josh. The blood was running to my head.

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  8. Very nice picture Leland, thanks for posting.
  9. Wonderful group picture.
    Thanks, Leland

  10. Indeed a great photo.

    Thx Leland
  11. Great photo! Lot's of knowledge in that room!
  12. Very cool. Some people that have been a huge part of fly fishing history in our region. Thanks Leland.

  13. Show that photo to a Puget Sound cutthroat or salmon, and it will spook.
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