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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by daveypetey, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. daveypetey

    daveypetey Active Member

    Hey all-

    Looks like some of you guys had an awesome weekend. So my old man is coming in town tomorrow night and I have Thursday off. He's a very good fly fisherman, but has never beach fished. Being as I have a whole month under my belt of beach fishing and only ha hand full of smaller SRC's to hand and no salmon, I'm wondering where you guys would take him for some beach action. Hit up LP and then maybe take the ferry accross? Or just head over to the sound beaches right off the bat per-dawn? Any help would be awesome.

    By the by got totally skunked this morning at LP and south of the ferry.

  2. Puget Sound Pimp

    Puget Sound Pimp Banned or Parked

    The tide really sucks for Thursday but if you insist on fishing beaches that day go to the Purdy bridge. It's a pretty heavily fished beach but produces some very large fish. I hooked my third largest SRC there, he was 20 1/3 inches. Fish it on a falling tide and you will run into some nice SRC, there are even some large salmon in there. Stop by the Gig Harbor Fly Shop and they'll let you know whats up down there.
  3. daveypetey

    daveypetey Active Member

    Well we hit up the beach at about 645 yesterday morning, about 20 guys already there, 3 or for fly-fisherman. Didn't see anyone catching anything and eventually packed it in at about 10am, and a few fly-fisherman said they had been there since 4am without any tugs or follows. But they did say the night before had been great with lots of hook ups and landed fish. I will definitely be hitting it up again soon. I will wear a rain coat over my waders though, took a big wave down the front not paying attention, my iPhone is now feeling the pain.
  4. Nick Clayton

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    Davey, I wonder if it was you I spoke to as I was heading out
  5. daveypetey

    daveypetey Active Member

    That was my old man. Did you see me get soaked?
  6. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    Actually, now that I think about it, it may have been your dad I spoke to. Mentioned being from Utah or somewhere I believe....
  7. Nick Clayton

    Nick Clayton Active Member

    Yep, that was him. No, I must have missed that part. lol
  8. mtskibum16

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    Yeah, it's good to keep and eye on the waves!

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