Daiwa 12ft 3pc 7/8wt Amorphous Whisker

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  1. I bought this rod a couple of years back for $75. When I got it, the cork was shriveled and gouged, the reel seat was TU, and it looked hopeless. I managed to remove the old cork and seat only to discover that (1) it was not a Diamondback two-hander as I first thought and (2) the first 4 inches of the butt section was cracked. Still wasn't willing to give up on it as the ferrule fits were good (Daiwa Scotland makes their spey rods with internal ferrules) and the guide set were high quality, so I customized a scrap of graphite as a sleeve to reinforce the damaged section on the butt, then set about installing new cork, a heavier, all aluminum reel seat, re-installed the guides on the butt section, the rewrapped and re-epoxied the wraps. Except for installing a butt cap, the rod is back to it's full 12 foot length and ready to be used.

    I would like to give the rod to someone who is just starting to use a two-hander and who doesn't have a lot of dough. I would let the rod go without compensation and if the rod worked well for that person, then I would ask them to think about what it might be worth to them, either in trade or cash, and pay me some money or give me some gear after the rod was put to the test. If it breaks, then that's that, no harm no foul. If it turns out to be a gem, somebody's new best friend on the water, then I would hope to get a little something in return. Anyway, that's the deal. Let me know if you might be interested.

    Steve Cole
    Vashon Island
  2. Just sent you a PM
  3. GONE>>> Daiwa 12ft 3pc 7/8wt Amorphous Whisker

    The Daiwa has a new owner...
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