Damn things they dont tell ya......

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  1. Fly Tying Bench Rules:

    Rule 1: Always put back the materials in the same place, everytime! Looking around for chenile for 20 minutes is NOT productive!

    Rule 2: Dont piss off the wife before tying or all you hear is how much time you DONT spend with her. And a hint.... when she drops that comment, you are more then likely to forget something like whip finishing two flies in a row.

    Rule 3: When you are out of something, write it down immediatly. This will prevent multi trips in the same day to the fly shop

    Rule 4: When the cat eats the green bugger that you tied and accendently dropped on the floor (again) and the cat gets it stuck in his mouth and the wife starts to yell and freak out, show some compasion for the CAT not the bugger you tied even though in the back of you head you want to yank the fly out of the cats mouth and shame the cat.

    Damn.... I need a rule book.
  2. Sounds like a relaxing day at home :rofl:
  3. Chef;
    How old are you? Your senility tells me you must as old as the "Old Man." :D
  4. this, this is awesome
  5. Rule #1 is the truth.

    For me, it is not so I can find it again, it is so when the wife goes into my tying room to get some change out of the penny jar, out labs don't get into my stuff.

    Got many picture txt's to me while I am at work of all my things taken out of the drawers and eatin up all over the floor. I lost two #1 grizzly saddles, four bucktails and much more.

    Close the drawers and leave the damn door shut!!
  6. New rule in my house now that my tying bench is in the entry way (heated) instead of the cellar (reallyfreakingcoldsofarthisyear):

    Keep the drawers closed and the roll top down when not in active use. The three cats are total shits that love birds and furry animals that are not feline. These pathetic animals could never catch a live creature. They know of this inadequacy. Out of spite they will always pounce on the nice saddle hackle, bugger pack, streamer feathers, fur and hair for tying and shred the totalanduttershit out of them in nano seconds. Anyone need three cats?
  7. anyone want my three cats?

    Go figure.... the little shits can only pounce on things that cant move by themselve. My wife wont give me back the bugger the cat ate. Damn her.
  8. Chef,
    Good practice before the kids come! You think cats are a problem? :ray1:
  9. oh..... kids.... crap. can I just skip to retirement?
  10. No...but you can train your cats to watch you kids! :rofl:
  11. So my fiance has a cat, and I have a ton of materials, so that means I will soon have an abundance of cat toys. Okay then. Lock on the mancave coming up.
  12. or get rid of the cat! lol
  13. Babies and toddlers. The reason Tube flies were invented.
  14. That's been a major problem for me lately, and so, since the rivers are high and the ski areas were rained out, I took on a long ignored desk organization project. Also taking inspiration from Jergens.



    I stuck all the long feathers in an old vase and it looks like something you'd see at Gasperitti's Floral Design with an $80 price tag on it.
  15. Anyone need three cats?
    skin them and use as dubbing, when asked where are the cats,reply with playing with fly tying materials!!!!!!!!
  16. I have a friend who does have cat skins in his tying room.
  17. 2 more rules for me...
    1 - don't sneeze... I have... it isn't pretty
    2 - don't lick your fingers to help apply dubbing if you still have residual dubbing on them

    I don't have the cat issue... but my 18mo old is fascinated by the sharpest objects in my tying kit...
  18. I have a bernese mountain dog and her tail blows everything around everytime she comes in to check on me. Then our cats also love playing with any that falls on the floor.

    I've also been fighting a sinus infection for a couple of weeks...sneezing is definitely not conducive to a positive fly tying experience.
  19. New add on rules:

    Additional Rule: When the wife wants to spend time with you, stop tying and sit next to her. Sitting at your fly tying desk while she is on the couch does not constitute spending time with her.

    Additional Rule: When the wife decides to vaccum, make sure your out of range... (aka: go somewhere else). Or you will be in for the "why does the vacum makes all these weird sounds when I vacum by your fly tying desk?"
  20. Chef, might be a good idea to keep your hooks in a magnetic bowl or on a strip...both before and after tying. With you scattering stuff about and your pets you might also want to buy all barbless hooks, or crimp all your barbs at one sitting.

    Perhaps a collapsable garbage can or fly tyers waste bin (empty it each tying session to keep the pets from crawling into it) will go a long way at keeping the peace at home.

    When I'm tying for a swap all the hooks for that swap go into the bowl. Put in the right amount and tie until they are all flies. Once tied they go into a box or container (altoids tin) to hold for the short term until they are all tied. When it is time for head cement, if you don't do it as you go, do it all at once then put them into your rotating fly dryer.


    A nice rotating motor that spins at somewhere between 4 and 12 rpm and a creative cross section of large diameter pool noodle will make for a foam rotator that can take hooks directly, can have a rubber band put around it where you can pass your hooks under the band or add some alligator clips (crimped onto sewing T pins...both available at you local craft store in the sewing area).

    You can build it. You can keep your tying area a bit more clean and safer. You can keep from getting forced out of the house and into the garage, storage shed, attic or balcony.

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