Damsel pattern - here's mine, what's yours?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jim Speaker, May 28, 2013.

  1. #14 TMC 3761
    Thread: olive-brown
    Eyes: 40# brown maxima + bic lighter
    Tail: olive marabou
    Body: olive marabou
    Rib: small gold wire
    Wingcase: brown antron
    Thorax: Olive dubbing, plucked out for leg-i-ness

  2. Btw, I think this is actually a bigger one, on a #12 hook. But, the smaller, daintier version on a #14 is the most effective.
  3. I call this one the "glass-eyed damsel"

    eyes are glass olive beads on 30# mono melted at the ends

    tail, abdomen, and thorax olive/brown marabou fibers (keep sparse and just bind it down in the abdomen without twisting or wrapping; twist and wrap for the thorax).

    rib is clear, stretch craft lacing.

    wingcase is brown swiss straw or similar.

    glass-eyed damsel nymph 4.jpg
  4. That looks super effective. I like that wing case material!
  5. here's one i came up with a few weeks ago, my first damsel pattern. one on the right has been chewed on a bit.

  6. I think the three of you with your patterns would be a good basis for a damsel nymph swap.
  7. not a bad idea. aside from the foam eyes and copper wire mines 100% pheasant rump. i love using all parts of those feathers for tying.
  8. I'd be up for a damsel swap.
  9. So, is that pheasant rump dyed black?
  10. nah, just dark in the picture. its the marabou like fluffy feathers toward the bottom for the tail. a filoplume from the feather on a dubbing loop for the body. the shellback is long reddish barbs from a good spey hackle rump feather held down by the wire. the collar is a smaller blueish rump hackle feather. and foam eyes tied in then figure 8 wrapped witht he same feathers used for the tail chopped up and dubbed on thread.
  11. I think we've covered this one before but there's always new folks who haven't seen previous threads..

    This simple pattern is still the most productive for me:

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  12. I'm short on damsels right now, I'd be up for a swap. I like to use Denny Rickards stillwater nymph as a damsel pattern and now that I know how to tie it on a jig hook, I plan to create a balance fly version.

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