Damsels in Distress

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  1. Here's a sublime mixture of brown trout, damsel flies and a cameraman in the right place at the right time. Check it out.


  2. Very cool!

    Almost a shame to present a fly to such a "player". Amazed on frequently that brown was in catching those damsels on the fly.
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  3. Oh holy hell, would that be a sight to see first hand or what!
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  4. Friggin amazing!
  5. "We're gonna need a bigger fly."
  6. That was great! Loved the "bow wave" just before going to the surface.
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  7. The poor bugs....

    Unfortunately, it is very difficult to mimic a damsel adult that is hovering above the surface... you'd need some kind'a helicopter pattern to pull it off :D

    Fortunately, I know of only two fisheries where I've seen the trout take flying damsels. During a hatch such as that shown, an emerging damselfly pattern usually works.

    So the guys just shot the film and didn't bother to fish????
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  8. Amazing!
    Gene I believe the last shot was the fish taking a fly.
    Free I am with you, it would be a hell of a sight to see.
  9. Damselfly quad-rotor micro-drones...that's the ticket!
  10. And I would be standing there with my dripping caddis, frantically looking through my fly box for something that even looked like a damsel fly.

    Great video. Thanks for sharing.
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  11. If that doesn't get the blood flowing, you need a heart transplant.
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  12. Laugh if you like (& I will too) but the day is coming... I doubt it will ruin ffing, but it may well be possible.
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  13. Brad Pitt can!! (3:15 in clip)

  14. I'm not laughing....I can see the day when Cabelas will market the things at $699.95 a sixpack.
  15. I've stood on the high bank at Lenice and witnessed the bows do that. One of the coolest things I've seen
  16. lol just got on to post the same video, good call leland.
  17. I was thinking about that.... the NSA probably already have them just to keep tabs on flyfishers :D (that's a little foreshadowing for a cartoon I sold to FFM last month)
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  18. No, I have the secret: helium-filled flies that lift a few inches off the surface with the tippet of your leader in the surface film.

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  19. Blimp-dicator? Hinden-bug?

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