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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Jeff, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. I'm looking to build a beach rod for Coho, SRC's, etc, and am a seriously considering the Dan Craft FT 9' 4PC 6WT TIP ACTION BLANK.

    Anybody out there have experience with this blank? Comments/criticisms?

  2. I built the FT in a 5wt. Very fast, can handle at least a 7wt floater. Not the best at protecting 6x tippet but plenty of power to spare--able to manhandle smallish steelhead. I'd imagine the 6wt would be ideal for firing into the waves/wind.
  3. The 9' Dan Craft FT blanks are famous/notorious for being VERY fast. Normally they can handle up to 4 line weights above their ratings. The 3 wt. is known to be able to cast a 7 wt. line with authority. The action has been compared to the Sage TCR series of rods. Most people swear by them, but some just don't like how much power they have.

    If you want a smoother, more progressive action rod, try the Sig V. I've heard the Sig V compared to the Sage RPL before. They can still punch through a breeze and they can generate some high line speeds. It might be a little too slow for the beach, though.

    I've never built on a Dan Craft blank because I'm not quite sure of the warranty on them, but I've cast an FT and Sig V, both are very nice rods.
  4. Thanks everyone for your input... I've read about the same and it's the blank I'm going to go with. Unfortunately he's out of stock for 30 more days on that particular blank. Just my luck. :hmmm:

  5. Jeff, I built this blank (9' 6wt 4pc) for a trip to Kodiak and it was fantastic with longer sink tips and bigger flies. Down here I just had a hard time getting it to load with my normal nymphing and a 6wt line. I then sold it as I just didn't think I would use it much and kind of regret it. I wish I would have experiemented with over-lining or at least some different lines.
    It was a great rod though, felt great while playing fish, casted beautifully with the conditions that I mentioned. I am sure you will enjoy it if you like FAST action rods, because it is FAST. Don't be afraid to experiment with lines to find one that really fits the type and distance of fishing that you do.
  6. I built this same rod for an Alaska trip, and it handled 10-15lb salmon without much difficulty. I currently use it as a beach rod with 6wt outbounds, but it broke on my last outing. Dan will replace a broken section for $22 plus shipping, or replace it for less if he thinks it was a defect.
  7. Robast, that's the setup I'm aiming for... Airflo 40+ though. It's a 7wt line (currently fishing the beaches with a moderate 7wt), but from what I'm reading the blank should be able to throw it with little to no difficultly. So, you didn't mention how you like the blank... love it?

    I can see how it might not be the best for casting a regular WF or double taper, but sounds like just the ticket for a shooting head, no?

  8. Jeff,

    I like the rod a lot. Much better feel and action than the TFO teeny 6wt I was using before. Because of its ability to handle significantly heavier line it can also arialize much more line without difficulty. I would say the rod adds 15ft to my cast when compared with my prior.

  9. That's too funny. Too slow? If they can punch through a breeze, that means they can cast a tight loop and generate high line speeds. When the RPL was introduced, it was considered a fast action rod. When it and the VPS were discontinued, they were at a minimum considered medium fast action rods, and were known to be rods that most folks should strongly consider uplining by one line weight. These rods were (and still are) popular beach and Puget Sound fishing rods.

    Great beach rods.
  10. I've never cast an RPL, only my RPL+ 8wt. which is, as I understand, considerably faster. I'm sure the RPL is a great rod, but the Sig V would probably not be immediately recommended as a beach rod. I've only cast one of the two in question, so I wouldn't know if their actions are similar, but I've heard the are. :hmmm:
  11. Damn Jeff that sucks you can't get your blank for a while. Guess I'll be blasting casts to the fish while you suffer :clown:
  12. His rods are fast. I'm running a 10 wt Outbound on my 10' 8wt FT for beach fishing.
  13. Really? The 10' FTs are a lot slower than the 9' version. I'm surprised you line the 10' up that much. Whatever works.:thumb:
  14. Haven't casted the 9 footer, but that's what i've heard. Actually, a 9wt Outbound would probably be OK, but I like the 10wt. You can roll/spey cast that thing a mile.
  15. His rods are fast. I'm running a 7 wt Outbound on my 10' 7wt FT for beach fishing as well as a 9 wt. Airflo 40+ extreme of recent. The 10' FT is slower than the 9' (which I have never cast but everyone says it is slower). I think it is still a relatively fast rod but comparing it to a 9' FT will make it look slower as it would with most rods. I have always assumed it is slower simply because it is longer.:confused:

    I wish the FT came in a 11' version and was as fast as the 9' - would be a nice switch rod:thumb:
  16. I built the 904 4 wt last winter. I tried a 4 wt line, wasn't happy, wouldn't load unless I had at least 30 ft out. Since then I have used a 5 wt and am thinking about buying a 6 wt line for it. Problem was I was looking to build a creek rod....
  17. Thanks for the input guys. I called up Dan and asked him if he might have just one more of those blanks laying in the corner or under a couch for me... he dug around and had one in stock. I got it on Saturday and glued up the seat, fighting butt and grip tonight.

    It seems like a really nice blank, but haven't had a chance to cast with it yet. I'm very optimistic based on the feedback I've gotten! :thumb:

    I need to pick up some thread, and then I'll be wrapping the guides this weekend. This is going to be MUCH better for fishing the beaches than what I'm currently using.

    Again, thanks for the help.

  18. I finished up my build on the Dan Craft blank -- FT - 9', 6wt -- last week and had a chance to fish a local beach this Saturday. It sure is a fast blank, but the tip is truly sweet when fighting fish.

    It took me a while to get used to how it likes to be cast. I'm using a Rio Outbound 7wt intermediate line and it takes the entire 40' head to really start to load the rod. In fact, I'd like to try going up one more line weight. I broke the running line on an Airflo 40+, 7wt intermediate last month and think I'll replace it with another Airflo 40+ 8wt floater and see how it performs.

    All in all, I'm extremely happy with the blank and rod build out. I finished it using the components used on the TFO TiCr rods, and wrapped it with blue thread. It's a very understated, work-horse style rod... which is exactly what I wanted for the salt.:thumb:

  19. Jeff,

    Show us some pics. I just finished my FT 8wt 10'. Much slower than the 9' 6wt for sure, but sweet none-the-less. I agree that it takes a lot of line (or significant over-lining) to fully load the 6wt, but man can it toss it out there.


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