Dangerous Browns of Wyo. PT.2 & Wilbur Raises His Ugly Head

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    For those few, probably less that 4 maybe 5, steady readers of my posts and for those new who may not have read the first part of this epistle, "Dangerous Browns of Wyoming," I must first write a brief resume of what has happened in this saga of the new West.
    We left our hero, the author, in one hell of a mess: he was between a Cottonwood and a monster brown trout. He had tied one end of a 5/8" 3 braid nylon rope (the leader in this case) to a tree (the rod in this case)and had attached a huge tarpon fly to his fingers (the lure in this case) which apparently included both the fisherman and his fly after this lunker (Wilbur in this case)had showed interest in them and now was solidly hooked up and unable to run more than 3". Let us resume.
    I had to think quickly on my feet, I mean on my back, because the trout would not let me get to my feet. But I had him locked on tight with that corner of the mouth set all fisherman dream about. Nothing would give. Since my body could only expand and contract about 3", this was the extent of the battle field. I was hollering, the fish was slashing about madly, and my parrot, Oleander, and dog, Smolt, were dozing in a nearby tree, the one in fact to which my rope was attached. Now I hear my readers saying, "All this tackle is far too heavy. I mean a tree for a rod (stiff action I should presume) and a 5/8 " rope ( a little bit of a heavy flyline for a 500 wt. rod) and a man plus a tarpon fly for a lure is just a bit too much.
    But my friends, my dearest and only friends, don't you think you should take into account Wilbur, the size of this monster, the wisdom he must have, the awesome magical power of such a trout? OK then, enough said.
    Believe this or not: and I don't care any more if I am the fool; when something is true and factual, you must stick to your guns (remember I pack 2). So this is what came down.
    The GULL DUNGED tree was toppling over from the strain, the strands on the rope were popping from the tension, and my finger was starting to part at the big knucle. I was hoping the hook would straighten, but no, I had tied the fly with a Mustad special hook made for commercial fisherman, guaranteed to never break or straighten. Shultz! I was in deep Shultz! Very deep Shultz!
    Everything blew up at once! The tree fell, throwing both Oleander and Smolt out into the middle of the river. The line snapped and with all the force suddenly lifted from my mooring, I, too, was flung out into the water, my head taking a glancing blow from a mid-stream rock which knocked me out cold. Wilbur, the fish, was now free, but he had the tarpon fly and the end of my finger tangling from the corner of his mouth. I knew the hook would rust out and he would probably nibble off the rest of my digit.
    All of these things are but petty details. The real question is, does this qualify as a catch and release? I say, yes, because it was a clear, however not clean, case of C&R release. Wilbur, who communicates with us through some sort of strange medium, says, "NO!!"
    "When the release came," he explains, "the arm was extended its full 3" and, therefore, it was a long line line release at best. Maybe it was no catch at all due to unsportsman like and illegal conduct. What happened, in fact, was a crime!"
    Off in the distance, I could hear the sirens coming again.
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    Dangerous Browns of Wyo. PT.2 & Wilbur Raises His Ugly H

    Bob, you have my full support on the C&R ruling... However, if that fish offered you a rose to forget the whole thing, then I may opt to suggest counseling.

    You could be my idol....

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    Dangerous Browns of Wyo. PT.2 & Wilbur Raises His Ugly H

    I'm afraid Wilbur is right on this one Bob. Your line snapped AND your rod broke. At best, that's the proverbial "long distance release" which is just a nice way of saying the fish got away. Wilbur, on the other hand, has a pretty good argument that he C&R'd you. However, I would advise Wilbur not to post any photographs of his catch (you) on this website unless he is prepared to have his C&R technique lambasted -- this forum gets kinda nitpicky that way. After all, he dragged you over a rock and dang near chewed your finger off. Do you have any idea what the mortality rate is for fishermen who get dragged accross the rocks?


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    Dangerous Browns of Wyo. PT.2 & Wilbur Raises His Ugly H

    When I go fishing on the NF Stilly this thursday, I would like to post a placard in my rear window. If it is OK with you Bob, it will read, "Friends of Oleander and Smolt". Maybe I'll use the Logo for WAFF.com. There shouldn't be a problem finding me up there. Something like this.