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  1. just a reminder for those that plan to attend:

    August 8
    Dash Point at the Lobster Shop
    park opens at 6am but you can park on the street before then.
    bring food and drink and flies to share.
    if you have extra gear (ie stripping basket, rod, line, etc) relevant to the outing and wouldnt mind lending it out please post

    im bringing: a cooler. a stove. an extra stripping basket. an extra 6wt rod (tyrod custom rainshadow rx8xf), line (rio outbound), and reel (lamson guru) for trustworthy dudes to toss around and check out.

    im also considering booking a spot at the state park for the weekend. if you're plannin on sticking around for sunday or need something in particular for the outing be sure to post.

  2. well ill be bringing a cooler with drinks, charcoals if needed for the BBQ their, and maybe a rod, reel and line.(just wf line so nothing special)

    thanks for posting this sean!
  3. I've got my engagement photos, and a nephew's birthday party that day. But hell, why not try to come out for the morning.

    I should be in attendance
  4. Ill be there, but I dont know if ill be able to meet you guys in the morning or not. I was thinking about meeting everyone at the beach then going to pick up my boat later on in the day. I just dont know yet, but I will be there one way or another.
  5. There are no longer any BBQ's there. The Park District removed them over the Winter. As I live in Dash Pt just above the Lobster shop a bit, I can tell you that you'd better be lined up well before 6:00 A.M. on the 8th. I went down this past Saturday morning and cars were lined up half way up the hill at 5:45. The parking lot was full up by 6:15. This fish aren't even here in any numbers yet and the place is crawling with people on the weekends because it's a great beach for families. I hope you have reserved the shack. I'll be down early with flies, rods and reels but doubt that Ill stay longer than a couple of hours. I look forward to meeting you guys.
  6. damn... I would definitely be there, but instead I'll be chasin' steel and trout in central oregon. :cool:
    Drink, I mean catch a few for me :beer2:
  7. is there anything keeping you from accessing the beach up at the state park and just walking down? seems like a good solution to the parking lot problem to me. i've just never done it, so i wasn't sure if access was limited over there
  8. Evan, seems locigal enough. Looking from google maps it looks like there is a decent parking lot there, but they may charge a day use fee. But it may be worth it. You probably couldn't get in there before first light either. So it might work well for the lazy ass like me!
  9. Never fished Dash Point, where do you fish from? To the right of the pier?
  10. there is a trail from the state park to the beach. im camping friday night fosho so im not worried. it really isnt that bad. i was there saturday and yeah there is a bit of a line. but as long as you show up a little early your fine, i got there at 5:45 and i got a spot right up front. and there is nothing wrong with parking on the street either and just walking down. there is plenty of beach as 90% of guys are on the pier anyways.

    ive seen much worse. and as more fish show it will get worse. but im not sacrificing a good beach for a WFF gathering. ;)

    tyler! bring the boat!
  11. Never been there, is there a good bikini hatch also (incase the fishing is slow).:D
  12. There was today when I was there.
  13. my 6wt setup is now spoken for.
  14. You can access Dash Point beach from the State Park. There is no day use fee for that lot. The better fishing so far has been closer to the State Park but I can't say how that will be in a week. You still have to cross the private beaches coming from that end but as I said before, the owners are pretty good about it as long as you respect their property. The fishing is between the two parks on about 800 yards of flat, sandy beach that can be accessed. I wouldn't plan too heavily on parking on the street. Most of it is posted and the Sheriff will gladly write a fat ticket if you park in the wrong place. Best to get there early or park at the State Park but that opens later. It's a dilema. As I have said in earlier posts if you're looking for quiet or less of a croud, this probably isn't the best place to fish. There are or will be fish there but you are dealing with two PUBLIC PARKS that draw an incredible number of people on weekends because of the nice, sandy, sheltered, sunny beach and easy access. I'm not trying to throw a wet blanket over the get together. I think it's great but I wouldn't want you to come here to my home beach and be disappointed at what you find or expect to fish uninhibited. It's a great place to fish but it is certainly not a secret by any means.
  15. Im off work at 3:00 on friday, so I might just camp down there as well. Sean give me a call, ill drop my boat in the water friday after work that way it will be ready to go in the morning.
    Ill drop you a PM.
  16. You'd better check. I think that Dash Pt is a "reservation" park and it's done on-line only.
  17. I have a 6wt w/an intermediate sinker someone can borrow if they speak up for it. I'm not packing it around for funsies though. :thumb:

    See you dickheads Saturday am :beer2:
  18. Well since my Tuna trip for this weekend was cancled and resceduled. It seems that every one was more into chasing Pinks then Tuna on a fly rod. Guess Amie and I will be somewhere down that way with the kayaks. Might see some of you down that way though we might hit more then one beach looking for the schools and plan to paddle away from the worse of the crowds.
    If those in boats or beach see two Kayaks fishing with one guy and one girl that would be us most likely.
    Thought about taking the boat out but for pinks but it is easier to target them without the big boat and having to anchor. We will save the boat gas for Silvers.
  19. I went to DP yesterday morning just to check it out before the Saturday get-together. What a Cluster F..K!! The dock wasn’t as bad as I expected – except for the yelling & hollering by a couple of really BIG, swaggering bully types. The beach had about 37 fishermen 6-10 feet apart….all gear chuckers & buzz bombers except for 3-4 fly fishermen waaay down at the north end (in the private property area). I didn’t see any of the fly fishers catch any but spoke with one on his way back to his rig….said he had one on but lost it.

    Witnessed a lot of fish mishandling, dragging them through the sand, kicking them up further on the beach, NOT bonking them, just leaving ‘em to suffocate in the sand, not bleeding or gutting. Only saw two coolers on the whole beach and several fish caught in the hour and a half I was there – just watching. I was pretty disgusted by the whole scene …..maybe I’m just getting too old & cranky…or maybe I’m just not the totally dedicated, fanatical practitioner of the “Black Art of Fly Fishing” to endure the absurdity of “Combat fishing” on any scale anymore. Now if it was real combat fishing that might be different…but then I’m too old for that too…sighhhh!!!

    I did meet one really nice fella, Steve Saville and we chatted and watched the carnage for awhile….”carnage” is a bit strong as I saw only about 12 fish brought to hand (beach) in that time and maybe two of them were handled in what I consider to be an appropriate and humane manner (I don’t want to start another pointless argument about whether fish & animals feel pain….!!)…please note the “what I consider” portion of the foregoing.

    As much as I was looking forward to meeting, handshaking and attaching faces to names of all the fascinating attendees at the “gathering” this Saturday, I’ve decided not to participate….just ain’t my style! Since none of you know me (except Steve) I know I’ll not be missed….haha!

    Avoir & tight lines to all, :thumb:

    (also posted in another thread)
  20. i'll be there at first light offering a free clinic on how to throw the perfect tailing loop.

    i won't be hard to pick out

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