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  1. jc did i meet you yesterday? i had a conversation with a really nice guy in the parking lot, and did indeed lose a few that day.

    got some landed today though
  2. congrats evan! nice fish. did you catch those at dash point? maybe we should just cast like freaks first starting with yarn and hitting the fisherman. then say we were just practising and then put on flies and be like now that im warmed up.... i could use flies! then they will back up.

  3. I don't think so, Evan...the only fly fisherman I spoke to (except for Steve S.) was when he (you?) was walking back to the parking lot - I was sitting on the log in front of the gravelled (private?) parking area. I asked if he caught anything and he said he had one (some?) on - he wasn't carrying any fish! Could've been you I suppose but if so it was an extremely short conversation!! :D

    Glad you had better luck today!

  4. I'll be there.

    Yes DP is a zoo these days, but hey it's really fun to catch pinks.

    I just move way down beach and have a great time.

    I still think that a fly is more effective than a buzz bomb. I know that the gear guys catch 90% of the fish, but I think that's because they are 95% of the guys fishing.
  5. JCNEWBIE, - I think that was me. I caught one Wednesday AM, and I remember that somebody sitting on the logs asked me about it. Nice fish, fun to play, beautiful to see, and then safely released.
  6. I'll be out on the bike that day riding down the 101 but may stop in on my way back towards Auburn in the afternoon.
  7. Might be too late now, I was initially debating between camping and staying with friends, but it looks like camping is a better bet... Does anyone have a campsite for Friday night, I'm pretty sure I'm too late to book one either by phone or online. If you do have a campsite, is there any way I could join you??? Not sure if you would have to change your reservation or if it would cost you extra, but I'd be happy to cover it, or chip in either way.

    PM me if you have a spot you think I can join you at, and we'll figure it out.
  8. i'd call before ruling out making a reservation. last weekend i just showed up. the only thing you cant do is make same day reservations.

    i still havent decided whether or not im camping. i dont think i am. im thinking im gonna hit whidbey tomorrow after work instead.
  9. Thanks, I actually wrote that while calling, after 15-20 minutes I decided they were gone and that I was on hold for nothing.
    *EDIT*I got ahold of them, they are full for Friday night, it sounds like there are still spots for Saturday, but they will likely fill soon.
  10. I kind of want to come to said event, just to watch the "shit show". But seriously, after getting mean mugged last week by a fat fuck in a Hawg Quest sweatshirt in 90 degree weather, I think ill take my dog to the island. Evan used to live in my house, and he knows i dont deal well with wanna be toughguys
  11. where the hell did you get mugged? and who picks a fight with a 300lb manbearpig?
  12. I will explain sooner than later, im really going to need some convincing to go to that shat show, why dont you come up north evan?
  13. If the guy you saw sitting on the log was a dashing, devilishly handsome, distinguished in appearance with graying hair and with slight traces of black still showing, gray goatee and reddish moustache with tinges of gray, wearing a bluish, plaidish shirt and glasses.....like the "Dos Equis man"(except for the glasses)....'prolly not me!....just kidding....nice to meet you, Ron. :D Maybe next time we'll have more conversation....it's a small beach!

    Glad you enjoy the fishing. I enjoy fishing too....but not the idiots. Probably why you were waay down the beach! :thumb:

    Jc :)
  14. I'll probibly be there on Saturday but, call me an unsocial bastard or whatever you would like but when you all are saying hello, I'll be somewhere along the beach catching fish. I will however have a fly or two to trade.
  15. Nice fish E. I threw my sabots in the machinery today so to speak, so I'm free to carpool and fishpool Saturday again.
  16. not possible during the week because of work. after this weekend, it's fully in my plans to head up that way often
  17. Evan: We should have a contest for the knottiest, gnarliest, twisted tailng loops & wind knots....should be fun!.....I'd win though....:beathead::beathead::eek:

    Jc :rofl:
  18. you guys wont stand a chance against me! there would be no competition! ;)

  19. sadly i'm going to have to take a raincheck. i'm just not going to be able to make it happen tomorrow morning
  20. alright, i might be going now

    i confuse even myself sometimes

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