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  1. I drove over to the BP and DP this evening just to see how to get there and where to park. At BP there was quite a few folks along the beach but I saw no fly fishermen. Quite a few fish were caught South fo light house.

    Drove over to DP and looked it over. Parking lot was full of course. Again I saw no fly fishermen and no fish caught during the time I was there. It appears that the DP beach is better for fly casting, but two fly shops told me to go to BP.

    I have my brother-in-law visiting from Michigan and he only has tomorrow to fish. I would like to give him a good shot at a few fish. Anyone have an opinion between the two places.

  2. Mike it was good talking to you in the parking lot today. I was the one with the white truck just getting ready to go fishing. And after buzzing and bombing them for a bit I pulled out the fly rod for a few mins after some of the croud started to leave. But I didnt get anything just some fresh greens on the end of my line. There were a few out there jumping though. But just no action on the end of my line.
  3. i had two buddies fish at dash yesterday and said it was definitely the slowest day yet. it means today can only be better though
  4. Any reports from the gathering yet??
  5. Sean hooked one when he first got there, and caused a too close for comfort encounter with a seal. I left at 8:30 because of obligations, so I'm not sure of the success after that. The tide wasn't ideal for first light. I'm sure it picked up on the outgoing.
  6. i had to leave right as the action was fanominal(sp)!!! somebody had a fish on about every minute. saw a couple doubles in a boat and people in a kayak getting some. saw a couple fly fishers lose them but i wish i could have stayed longer. met some nice people, but was to shy to really say anything. but it was nice to meet you all out their! and thanks evan for the cupcakes! they were amazing. hope to do something like this again! hedding out tommorow to see if i can finally pop my cherry!

  7. *phenomenal*

    Those were actually from Terry ('constructeur' on the forum). And they were indeed, delicious
  8. Fishing was great, I don't think I could have asked for better conditions. Sorry I did not get a chance to meet all of you guys but I was in the boat today. Donte(Urbnfly), my wife, and I launched at 7:00am from Des Moines marina and headed south past Radondo. We found a great beach between radondo and dash point and landed around 8 fish before 9:00am. After that I droped Donte off and crused over and picked up Sean off the beach at dash point and headed back to the same beach. The action never really stoped all morning. We had a lot of fish brought to the doat and a total for 4 double hook ups.

    P.S. I let sean take a pic with my fish... hahaha
  9. jeebus tyler way to blow my cover :eek: for the record that is techniquely your phat hog but only because we had a double and running around was gettin confusing so we switched rods.

    man you dropped me off at the beach and troutrageous and i put the hurt to em. the tide change was insane. we walked away from the crowds and just crushed em. doubles, back to back casts. good times.

    good to meet some new faces i look forward to fishin again soon :beer2:
  10. We left Port Orchard around 4:30 in the morning and by the time we got to BP (0530) the place was packed. We did find a couple spots to cast our flies buy we were not successful in hooking any fish though plenty were taken by the gear folks. We left around 1030 and headed for DP. The place was packed but I have to say we didn't see any of the multitudes from this group so we went to the SP where we could park. We saw a few fisherman and a few fish taken but alas we failed to get a fish on my brother-in-laws line.

    Eventhough we failed to take any fish he still had a good time. He is leaving on the plane in the morning but I will be back to give it another try. Along the way we met several folks who were willing to pass along some good tips.

  11. Tides were not the best but a few fish were still out to play. Sorry we never got a chance to meet any one but the parking at Dash was to much to deal with so headed down the road to BP. Had more fish hit then landed but got a couple and had a 2 inch sculpin really swollow the hook bad. Pretty sure it did not survive. The kayaks are still in the truck in case we feel like heading out again Sunday.
    Seems like the beaches and waterway was much more crowded then in years past
  12. im pissed i had to leave!!! i should have just hitch hiked home! i would have loved to actually catch some damn fish. ahhhhh! well ill try and get some tommorow..... hopefully.

  13. Ya, right after the low tide the fish were really active. Sean put on a clinic, which was good, cause I needed a lesson.
    Kept one for grilling.
  14. anyone going to be fishing there on Monday? Im here visiting family and am planning on fishing out there. All they have is spinning gear, anyone have some equipment they want to "rent" out for the day? ;)
  15. Sean and I are going to be back out puttin the hurt on tomorrow
  16. nice photo man! ill upload the ones i took soon
  17. Eric,
    Glad to see you got into some salty fish over here on the wet side.
  18. Well, I have to tell you that it was as packed in the parking lot as I have ever seen it that early. That's to a point where if I want to fish weekends, I'll do the 157 steairs down to the beach so I don't have to fight the crowd. I fished just to low tide and had to leave. I did keep one fish of 4-5 ibs. which we ate (all of it) for dinner Saturday night. It was really tasty which I think is a result of cleaning immediately,k cooling off and keep in on ice until it went on the grill. It was a fresh, early run with lice still on it. Nice fish for a crowded day. I fished alone for the better part of tghe morning, on my own tidelands but was eventually joined by another two flyfishermen and about twenty-five gear guys who saw us nailing some fish and couldn't stay put in the park. I had a mind to tell them to go back but thought better of it as there are plenty of fish.
  19. You're a good man Steve, thanks for the reports.
  20. Hit DP state park at the end of the low tide and saw a few people off this website. Seen a couple of jumpers EVERYWHERE except in front of me! They were about 75 feet past the furthest I could get out there. Saw maybe a fish landed down towards the pier. Seen about 60-70 people on the pier! Crazy insane. Going back tonight for the end of the incoming tide. See if that is any better.

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