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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Charles Sullivan, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Well, I brought my 2nd grade daughter to a stream to the north to go steelheading for the afternoon. She had only been winter steelheading once before and that ended early due to cold. The weather was great today though.

    We arrived a little after noon, full from gas station hot pockets and Dr. Pepper. She fished most of the 1st run with me. I cast and set up the swing and hand it off. Her feet got a bit cold and she went in only to return. We walked to a 2nd peice of water where she made rock sculptures. She asked to fish the final few casts. No fish but she was enjoying herself.

    I told her we needed to check what time it was and determine if we needed to be home .She said she wanted to fish more. So we did. The last run of the day. She asked if I could show her how to cast. I did but the 13-6 was a huge rod for her. We went back to the car and replaced it with my 11-6. I also took off the T-whatever (does anyone know what their tips are after a few outings?) and put on the floater.

    We cast for about an hour and she was really getting it. By the end she could cast out the skagit head and 15 foot floating tip. I was really shocked. She seemed to enjoy it, especially when she learned to slow down and stop high. She was casting 30-35 feet of line by the end. Some casts were better than others but she really seemed to be getting the feel of it. She literally could have been fishing for summer fish on a few rivers.

    Anyhow, I thought I'd share. Next week we may return if the weather is good. I'll be sure to bring her Harry Potter books so she can have something to read if she'd like. Her electric book thing doesn't have the Harry Potter series she said. Food and beverages too. Maybe I can get her tossing 5 ft of T-whatever and a GP on her own?

    Go Sox,
  2. That's awesome Charles. Now I know where all those mysterious rock sculptures come from...
  3. It was murky and high up there this weekend. A good one for practicing. I have no doubts she could hook a fish in a few days...

    Thanks for sharing!
  4. Super cool Charles. I'm jealous.
  5. Ever considered the Echo practice rod?
  6. If you build rods, I built a 9 ft rod with a long handle - a switch rod - for all intents and put a 400 gr line on it. It casts pretty well and that type set-up would be appropriate for her. It was an inexpensive kit from Cabela's. I merely added 4 cork rings to the bottom before installing the handle.
  7. I have no idea what the echo practice rod is. Do tell.

    I have a 9ft glass rod to be built and have thought of making it a little 2-hander for her. Until yesterday she hadn't asked about casting so I wasn't too concerned with it. Now I think I may have to build it up for her. Can you buy pink cork?

    We'll see how it goes. Fishing with dad is always a day of firsts for her. She had never had Dr. Pepper until yesterday.

    She is so easily trained on things. It's remarkable. She has no need to do everything harder like a boy and has remarkable pace. The funny thing is that she really has never failed at much of anything. If any peer is better than her at anything she takes it very poorly. I can't see how the constant failure of steelheading will be fun for her. So far though she asks to go with me...so I'll go with that.

    Go Sox,
  8. Charles,

    By far one of the best posts, certainly THE best steelheading post, I have read in a long time. A few of my grand kids like to fly fish and it was so much fun this past summer seeing them catch coho, SRC, and even one chinook on the fly from the beach this year.

    You're a good patient dad and you should be very proud of her I'm sure.

    Thanks much,

  9. That's awesome Charles! Great story and a memory that will last a lifetime.

    The Echo practice rod is a short, simulator fly rod with a length of yarn on the end. I've got one if you want to check it out. I'll be in town most of this week.
  10. Good stuff here, keep it up sir!

  11. You could dye the cork with coloring.Try it on a spare cork ring otherwise use hot pink thread for wraps on the rod.
  12. Hell at that age C. just have fun with it and don't push nothing...I took my little ones out with me golfing, fishing etc. what they really loved to do was shop for cloths for it...LOL...Hanging with Paps and getting to do stuff maybe their mom wouldn't let them...Like seeing who can burp the loudest..and other rude noises..it what were here for...

    If down the road she takes to it like K8, Ada. marcy etc. then cool...if she doesn't that's fine too...it's the outing not what your doing that is important...
  13. Here's what I meant by the Echo practice rod. Apparently it's good for getting the casting stroke figured out. I can't imagine a better tool for a young person looking to break into the sport. I think its only like $40!!

  14. Great post. My kids are small. They constantly ask to tie with me and occasionally we do. Fortunately for them in general they want for very little so the fact that they ask gives me hope.
  15. 5 star awesome! Can't wait to share time on the water with my daughters! My two year old has been practicing with her Barbie pole on the couch. She's already learned the importance of catching bigger fish than daddy. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Fantastic.
  17. That's awesome,

    But I get the feeling that your second grader is probably going to land her first steelhead before I do. :)

  18. Great stuff, Charles. As for her two-handed casting, she's got two things going for her: first, she's a girl; secondly, she doesn't have years of single hands caring muscle memory. Good on you.
  19. Too cool! From what you've told me, once your daughter can fish with her own rod it will take her no time to figure out that she will catch many fish following her daddy.
  20. You are straight up crushing me!

    Go Sox,

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