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  1. Is Dave McNeese Custom Fly Rods and Flies still in business? I googled his site and it is no longer active. I sent him a rod for repair back in April and he keeps promising me he will send it next week and that started back in April.
  2. Hi

    I bought a custom Sage z-axis 10' 7wt in early June from him on ebay. It still has not arrived, nor have I received any reason for the hold up. I was told by email following the purchase that it would arrive later in June. The rod did not arrive. I've sent emails since that have all been ignored. Now he appears to have shut down website and left ebay over the last few days and I'm now beyond the Paypal resolution time limits. Yet, in looking at feedback before he closed ebay account, he did send a rod local in USA last week that was received.

    I had bought the rod for my father's 60th birthday in July, as I wanted his name on it (Dave does a personalization service) and also bought the rod as I heard that Pacific NW USA has good rod builders and that Dave was a craftsman. I'm a reasonable guy but it's the lack of communication that is the most frustrating thing. I've since seen forum posts of people with similar experiences and his latest ebay feedback was horrendous and I wish I'd seen them earlier. I just don't know what to do. I don't think it's a case of dishonesty, the guy seems so disorganised! It's all been very frustrating and embarrassing telling my father his gift is still in the post!!!

  3. Gez
    I also purchased a rod of Dave McNeese in June and have the same problems, ie no replies, beyond papal resolution time etc. Let me know if you receive anything and I'll do the same. I do believe that the rod will arrive at some stage after reading other reports but patience wears thin. I live in Australia which makes it harder to contact him.

  4. I have talked to Dave a few times and each time he assures me he will send the rod shortly. I guess all we can do is wait.
  5. Richard, will let you know if I do....yeah, hard to be patient, totally disgusted at the situation.


  6. This is one of the reasons that I never but anything from EBAY. My kids have got so screwed from things advertized and what you actually get it isn't even funny anymore.
  7. Never had a problem online before buying items.....maybe I'm naive, but I still like to believe that people are genuine and honourable in life in how they deal with people, especially amongst the fly fishing fraternity...
  8. I build all my own rods -- comes with a lifetime guarantee :thumb: As for e-Bay, I've never had a problem, but you do need to be diligent.
  9. Actually ebay is one of the safest bets around. Full buyer protection from them and Paypal. I have had a few bad sellers that either didn't ship or shipped gear that wasn't as described. ebay got right after it and I have been fully reimbursed each time.
  10. iagree

    Sorry to hear that some are having problems. I know what it's like to order stuff online and have to wait way longer than promised, and get stiffed on repair/replacement of defective fly fishing gear. It sucks. A promise is a promise and I don't think it's excessive at all to expect the product or support as promised by a vendor.

    But eBay has a good seller rating feature that I check before I bid; especially the last 30 to 60 days. I am not a big eBay buyer but I've purchased a few things including a new Ross Vexis reel with warranty card, a mint K Pump K40, a new March Brown 9' 4 wt pack rod with warranty, and a mint pro level big bore (symphonic) trombone, all from between 25% to 40% of retail. Works for me so far.
  11. I've bought and sold hundreds of things on Ebay worth thousands of dollars, up to and including my current car that I bought from a dealer in Texas and had shipped to me. I've been stung once on ebay for a $20 dvd.

    Buy from respected sellers and you shouldn't have a problem.

  12. I had Dave make me a Sage Xi2 with spare tip three years ago. Told me it would be 3 months, got the rod a year later. He had a lot going on at the time, moving to new area, new shop, power issues from weather, etc.. but still, one year? Dang. With that said, it is the nicest rod I ever had built. The guy is a craftsman, but it did take a long time. I would consider him honest, but slow. That is a fair assessment of my experience.

  13. has anyone had contact with Dave since he was taken off ebay recently?
  14. I've been on the receiving end McNeese's lies since April. I've heard about how Sage back ordered the blanks, about how the snake eyes were out of stock, about his mom passing away and finally two months ago he said the rod was finished, he was just waiting for the rod tubes to come in so that he could ship mine out. I reminded him that I'm only two hours away and that I would come get the rod and put it in my own rod tube....he hung up and I haven't heard from him since.

    The way EBay/Paypal and my credit card works, you only have 45 days to file a dispute. I thought it was unfair to expect him to produce a custom rod in that time frame and since I had personally spoke to him and was assured that the rod was being built, I didn't see any reason not to trust the guy, even though i already knew about his reputation for being full of excuses and filling orders slowly. My fault for exercising too much trust in the guy.

    A person should show up at his house and surprise the rod out of him...so to speak.

  15. LowerD

    I know your frustration as you may have read above, I've had loads of emails totally ignored by him having bought the rod in early June. I was told it would arrive later that month. I'm totally disgusted, as I got it for my Dad as a birthday present and as a thankyou for taking me fly fishing since I was a child. Not even an email since June to explain the reason for the delay.

    He's going to single-handedly damage the reputation of rod builders abroad if this continues. If you check out the fly fishing forums in the UK, you will see how these antics are being conceived and it's not pretty. People are afraid to take the risk now and are saying they won't buy custom online. Although, I accept this is unfair as there are alot of great, credible and honourable guys out there.

    Fly fishermen and fly craftsmen are generally a noble breed and, like you, I like to trust people. This really has saddened me.

  16. Forgot to ask....did he literally put the phone down when you suggested collecting in person?!!!

  17. I actually spoke to Dave by phone from Australia a week or so ago. He assured me that the rods are being built but has a backlog of orders to fulfill.....sound familiar. I think we just have to be patient, especially when half way round the world away. If I was living within close proximity, I'd definitely pay him a visit. I guess if he had intentions to do the wrong thing by us, he wouldn't answer the phone or make himself invisible. I still have faith that my rod will arrive at some stage but hope I'm not too old to enjoy it!

  18. Hi Richard, yeah, the distance is frustrating, I'd definitely do the same. Did he give a timeframe?
  19. Hi Gez,
    no timeframe, just said he'll get onto it but he's very busy. I reckon he must have a huge backlog to do, so won't hold my breath. I'll call him again in a couple of weeks time if necessary.

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