Dave Scadden Pontoon Boats, proper business practice? You be the judge!

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by davec, May 17, 2010.

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    "Speyhead, find ONE post or a response to a thread that I have made that gives any credibility to this stupid statement that you have written, I will gladly apologize to the offended parties. I will save you the time looking back through the archives because you won't find it and you can save your apologize, for it will be as hollow as you are."

    Note - I said it "it seems to me", keyword being "seems" - which suggests it is an observation on my part based on previous stances you've taken on many topics, one of which is in your very response. Now you have changed your name to "Spin Doctor" I give you credit for your knowledge of pontoon crafts and for some insightful observations,"
    A shot you have taken at me, conveniently in your response, which speaks volumes about YOU- why didn't you take this shot as soon as you saw this in my signature? Why now? OK, you are right[as usual] and know nothing about rafts, crafts or boats! NOTE: to the semi-amused observer.... that wasn't exactly my entire quote, but it was just too good to pass up!! {Spey, I have taken that "shot" several times] Your observations on your perceived shortcomings of the heat welded oar mounts has been duly noted, many times over to the point it seems it's your life work.

    For regular Class 3-4 whitewater use glued on pin oar pads have limitations to the more traditional framed oar lock or pin/clip systems. REALLY? The casual observer, after reading your prior responses, would think he would DIE the instant he launched his NFO raft in the river{ but a Waterstrider, Outcast or Watermaster would be OK}. Anyway, this has been too much fun and I am off to an 'S' river for an afternoon float in search of one chrome that will give a tug on my line. SPEYFITTER...you win!
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    Wow, things must be slow, dragging up a 4 year old post, but it is about Dave and NFO...so probably worth digging up the chance to Bash. Love this forum :)
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    I have a Scadden Renegade, and it's a great boat. I've read so much on this forum about Scadden's poor customer service that it does, in fact, worry me. I had problems with the seat on the Renegade, posts breaking through the stitches, then a tension strap broke. My Renegade is 3 years old. I called NFO and Dave happened to be the one who answered the phone. I explained the problem, and he immediately sent out a replacement seat. The first year I had the boat, a D ring tore through its patch. I called and they sent out a replacement part quickly.

    I live in California and don't know Dave or anyone in his company. But my experiences so far have been positive ones.
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    He didn't bring up the post actually. Was Reeltrout, who I'm assuming is new (only has like 35 posts). You have to realize some people DO searches when they're new on a forum. Or better yet, since we're one of the bigger sites on the net for flyfishing we get people drawn to us when they do a websearch. I've seen PLENTY of sales ads and posts drug up that are 5-10 years old that are found by doing a search (either internally here or off a google search on the net).