Dave Scadden's Bimini Twist Inflatable SUP/Kayak

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by LCnSac, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. LCnSac

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    Working at the ISE today in Sacramento and our booth was almost next to Dave's. Spotted this new inflatable and liked what I saw. 11' x 3', weighs nothing, can be used as an SUP or kayak. Has a decent rudder system. Complete with paddle, seat, and storage $799. Not bad.

    Just showing interest flipped the switch and Dave started on the pitch. If you know Dave you know the man can sell. Some might even say he oversells a bit;). Still, he's a great designer and I think this board has some good utility. The price point seems good. What do you think?

    Here's a link to a promotional video for the Bimini Twist
  2. Freestone

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    Funny, he used to have a pontoon boat called the Bimini Twist back under the Scadden name.

    For my money, I'd spend a little more and get an NRS SUP. I could be wrong, but the Bimini's 'rocker' appears to be just a board that isn't rigid enough - but good way to spin it. I can under-inflate mine and achieve the same thing. The NRS Fishing SUP is even wider and more stable and has built-in Scotty rod holder brackets. They have other SUP's with about the same specs as Dave's and one can add D rings and other custom attachment points. The biggest advantage though is NRS Customer Service rocks, not that you may ever need it.
  3. LCnSac

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    There's a price point difference of $500 if I'm correct. The Scadden includes the seat, storage, and paddle. You may be right about the "creative rocker." It's probably a fair assumption that the NRS is a beefier product, and probably heavier too. Not sure they're quite the same. I cannot image the Scadden boat being all that stable just looking at it, but standing up wouldn't be my primary use.

    It's probably not something I'd feel a burning desire to own, but it seemed pretty cool and I'm sure your NRS is too.
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    Agree. Been looking into getting a fishing SUP and ran across this in my search. Would much rather spend my money on the higher quality NRS board.

    He seems to indicate in the promo that his boat is the only one on the market suited for fly fishing or that can go on moving water. Although it was cool seeing him demonstrate the versatility of his product, there's quite a few SUP's on the market that would make great fly fishing platforms.

    I've also been looking at hard boards, but not sure if they'd be as well suited in a river. A couple of them have attachment features like lean bars that can hold your gear bag, rod, and paddle. It's tempting...
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    I am not interested in an SUP, but with the rise in popularity I see why NFO jumped on the band wagon. I asked him about the NRS. Dave said the NFO is wider and longe( NRS 34" wide / NFO 36" wide)r, but LC has the measurements which is more than I got. I like the way he uses it as a Kayak and a Canoe by just using the included trunk. As far as NRS being more stable...never used either so definitely no judge there.

    He did use the name Bimini Twist back in the Cardiac Canyon days but it was the same idea. It was the Cardiac Canyon Pontoon (11 feet long and 12" diameter toon) with a standing aluminum frame. You stood and drifted or used the longer oar.....just like the SUP's . That was back in the early 2000.

    As for the NRS rod holder, I fly fish and have hard enough time keeping my line from tangling on things. That one just looks like a tangler. The Video is a spin fisherman and for that it could be cool. Personally, I would want a rod holder a little higher than by my feet, but that is a SUP. By the way, that is the glue on Scotty mount isn't it?
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    Thanks for the report LC
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    I'll wait for the pedal bike with catamaran floats to come out...
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    Your wait is over Jeese:
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    COOOOL! I bet that thing flies!
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    Damn you Freestone!!! I want that!