FS Dave Scaden Pontoon 11 ft

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by DDS, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. Skykomish Sunrise 11' pontoon boat asking $800. Willing to trade for raft or raft trailer. Have a drift boat and don't get any use out of the pontoon. Only used twice. Casting Platform, two sets of Oars.

    Call Matt 971-506-3407 Green River 05-2007 038.jpg PICT0045.JPG Green River 05-2007 049.jpg
  2. What is the distance between your tubes?
  3. Not sure I could go measure them if you were interested. The price is pretty flexible too if you are not interested in the extras.
  4. MIL rapid on the Green? And you're asking the man a pretty personal question, Ed.
  5. Frame width is critical for my needs.
  6. Ed you need watercraft intervention. I think that sums up your needs. Although I am jealous of your inventory.
  7. Ed I will whip out the measuring tape when I get home. Cheers
  8. You want the distance between the tubes at the frame?
  9. Derek you are correct. Mother In Law. Good eye!
  10. I think the measurement you are looking for is 28 inches.
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  11. Just sold it today thanks for lookin!
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