DDH Leech

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Stu Thompson, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. A picture of one of my most productives flies. Tied in black, brown, or olive it just plain catches fish.
    Tail: Marabou of your choice
    Body: Rabbit dubbing
    Eyes: Med. gold bead chaiI do blend my own dubbing so it is very rare that you see one solid color on a fly.

  2. Looks alot like a clump dubbing leah I learned to tie.

    are u building a dubbing brush out of ling fibers and stroking them back as you wrap?
  3. I do use a dubbing loop and place the dubbing in sideways and twist tight. I then use a small steel battery brush to brush out loose fibers and then when wrapping comb the fibers back. I also do tri color ones to imitate bait fish but use dolls eyes as opposed to bead chain.

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  4. Nice!
    That one's lookin' at me!
  5. i tie that exact same fly,
    how do you fish yours?
  6. Stu, Nice tye. What are you usung for a hook. Seems I am for-always looking for improvements on hooks.
  7. I fish the DDH with a loop knot and will use every type of streamer tactic. The best for trout in rivers is the upstream and accross while in lakes I vary my retrieve. If I'm fishing for Cats the I cast upstream and do absolutely nothing. The Cats will hit half way through the drift or at the very end when it rises up towards the surface.
    As for hooks I use a Talon SA-163C in sizes 4-8
  8. Stu,

    Do u know if u can buy Talon hooks in the states, and do u usually tie the DDH minnows with bead eyes or dolls eye?
  9. Stu~ The rabbit dubbing looks like it has flash in it. Is it just rabbit?

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