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  1. I finally got shoot my new RBL shotgun. I received it a few weeks ago, but weather wasn't conducive to dragging a new, expensive shotgun out in the rain. Today I took a run over to Kenmore and hit the 16 yard trap range. Now a SXS 20 gauge isn't exactly your run of the mill trap gun, but I wanted to see what I could do with it. As I stepped up to the line I could hear my heart beating with my ear plugs in, and my heart rate was elevated, I was excited for sure.

    First bird up, smashed. Next one, smashed. Third bird, smashed. The fourth one brought me back to reality as it kept going after the shot...:) But I finished the round with a respectable 21. I usually shoot in the high teens on a good day so I was quite pleased with the gun.

    I was running 15 grains of 20/28 powder behind 7/8 ounce of #8's. When I was on, the birds were smashed using a modified and improved modified choke.

    When the round finished the fellow next to me said "good shooting". I've never had a comment before on my shooting. Two other fellows came over and asked what I was shooting. I told the "an RBL from Connecticut Shotgun Mfg.". The one fellow said "'s deadly..". I'd have to agree. I'm waiting to see what it does with feathered birds...:D
  2. Glad to see that you got to shoot that new rig. Respectable, indeed. it was a sweet gun to handle when I saw it.

    Now ya gotta get it out in the field with that bird dog, Sasha. The gun is a tool, ya still got to hit what ya shoot at.

  3. I've had my RBL for a few years now (they suckered me with that full color four page flyer they sent in the mail) and I love that gun. It's the only gun I've ever named (long story, named it after my mother-in-law who was a real lady, truly). They are great guns and CSMC has a great rep for making truly excellent American firearms. I'm tickled that you are shooting it so well, how about a photo or two? Did you get the splinter forearm, Prince of Wales grip, etc?
  4. Hope we can get you over to the east side for some shooting at quail before the season ends! Rick
  5. I want to know what trips would be too rough for the new gun.
  6. Man oh man, Connecticut Shotgun puts out some really fine hardware, right up there with anything Europe has.
  7. Sounds fun Roper. Gotta love new toys. I've started taking up hunting this year and have added quite a list of new toys. Though all low end stuff - all combined probably cost me less than your new toy... But new toys are always fun. New .270 deer rifle (took a 5x5 muley already this year), new (to me) 20 guage for grouse and other feathered critters, my grandpa's old 'long tom' single shot 12 guage handed down, new ruger 10\22 for the kid to train with, 9mm pistol, and a compound bow for next years archery deer season. Oh, and a membership at the Interlake range.
  8. Chad, it looks like you have all the bases covered, and put one to good use already.
  9. anything that you're not required to wear Harris Tweed and Wellies to shoot in!:D
  10. Alex-I floated the Middle Fork of the Salmon this September with a guy who actually gets to go on driven hunts in Scotland, Spain and Argentina! He owns a fly rod component company and one of his customers takes him along on these adventures. He said he had to go up to the Orvis Vermont store (since he is in the biz, he knows Leigh Perkins) to get the proper attire. His benefactor supplies the matched set of Purdeys for him to shoot! He is one guy I had to really envy! Rick
  11. So my Donegal tweed is OK? Maybe I should wear my kilt...:)
  12. well, don't know about the Donegal, but you can only wear a kilt in one of the "ancient hunting" patterns. Of course, there's nothing "ancient" about a pattern that goes back only to the Victorian era...:eek: But wellies--definitely!
  13. Roper, I'm hoping this purchase doesn't push your retirement out another year.......

  14. You'll be happy to know we paid off the Everett house on Monday...I'm on target...Oroville is next.
  15. This time of year I favor my one piece Stansfield Canadian union suit with the two button back door, I find this garment to be well suited to Eastern Washington winter mornings. I think a Kilt would be a wee bit to much expossure for me in the winter months & Fence crossings would be a bit difficult in a Kilt.
  16. Not enough fur on your hide I suspect...:rolleyes: barbed wire does require a bit more attention...:eek:
    I'd stick with your dropped tail gate setup then...

  17. I bought an RBL-28 a few years back. Beautiful little gun with double triggers, beavertail forend, and very nice wood. I can't seem to make it work for me on the trap range, but when I am after birds it works very well. I love the gun and hope to find more places to hunt with it next year. I did hunt Montana with my son last month, but it was opening of deer/elk season (bad timing) & very busy back in the sticks....
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  18. Very nicely done, Roper. I've never heard comments from the next station after I've finished shooting . . . usually comments, if made, were drowned-out by the peals of uncontrollable laughter. I'd nae condone a wee kiltie . . . too many burrs on the East Side & and if you think combing them out of a dog's coat is a miserable task . . .
  19. If you wear your kilt I hope you're not into reloading and pick up your hulls.
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