Dealing with the $$$ question

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by stratocaster, May 30, 2009.

  1. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    Greg Asbury, welcome aboard.
    The Gray hackle yellow and the brown hackle peacock were the first two flies I learned to tie.
    both still work great today.
  2. Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

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    So after all this money (yes me too) do any of you tyers know how to do the hand whip finish?
  3. Greg Asbury New Member

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    Um. Yes I do know how to whip finish by hand. But please don't ask me to show you how to use a whip finisher! I never learned any other way.
  4. Trevor Thorp Happy to be home in the NW

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    First trout I caught in MI was on a fly tied with my own hair. That was a cheap fly.
  5. stratocaster Member

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    Had a great day today with a fly I tied myself and pinks! Great feeling, especially when you are outdoing all the surrounding gear fisherman. $$$$? It's worth every penny!
  6. Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    What are you going to do when your wife comes home with a 9000.00 dollar sewing machine? and says I took care of the bank account. Bob
  7. jimmyjoe Member

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    Yes, And I can do a better job than using a tool. Everyone should learn how, I don't have the problem of trapping hackle fibers in the knot that I did using a tool.
  8. TD Active Member

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    I got my starter set for my birthday from my Dad when I was about 10 - 12 years old. I have no idea how much he spent back then. He put the different materials in their own bag and then wrote on the back of a business card what each was named. That way I could follow patterns in the book he kept on his work bench. That was over 27 years ago and I still use the same tools today. I even still use some of the materials. I "HAD" to replace my vise this year though.

    I fish with he and my 2 brothers on regular basis. We've been chasing salmon in the saltwater together this year and have probably been spending far too much time at it too. Somehow 27 years ago I seriously doubt it was a FINANCIAL investment that motivated him.
  9. Sockeyeguy New Member

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    WOW does a jungle cock come with a new vise??
  10. Zack Dudley Take em'

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    My thoughts exactly!
  11. Allison Banned or Parked

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    Is is just me, or is it a little odd you guys have to lie to your wives about how much you spend on tying stuff?

    That said, I spend less on it than I would on flies, catch fish on them, and don't answer to anyone, so I probably don't know what I'm talking about!
  12. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    I have tied enough flies now that I've got the material cost down to about $6/fly, based on the amount of stuff in my materials bin and my meager assortment of cheap tools. This does not include labor cost, as I don't pay myself for having fun. :rofl:

    I whip finish by hand.:p
  13. Zack Dudley Take em'

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    whip finish by hand = wayyy better ahha