Dean River Debacle

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  1. Thanks .

    We all have to, if we want to pass anything on to future generations...
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  2. There is a bit of a shit storm happening over this now. As well DFO is finally being called out of salmon harvesting practices in mid and north coast fisheries. Seems to be business as usual, however various people and groups are finally calling DFO out on their blatant lies. At any rate it would be very useful for any American brother who have done the Dean this year or in the past to write letters. If any one is interested please PM me and I'll send you letters as samples, letter templates and the contacts. I can't express enough the importance of this from you guys or people you may know....This could even be expanded to include fellows who dont go to the Dean but come to BC to steelhead. ie ther Skeena or Bulkley systems to express your concern regarding the lack of proper 3rd party observation of the commercial fleet and adherence to lawful fishing practices let alone best practices and the amount of money you spend in BC participating in her once world class catch and release wild streelhead fishery.
  3. OK so one person has stepped up and is writing a letter. That is great.

    Common Golfy and others, I have sample letters you can paraphrase from etc... the government listens to $ and its you guys dropping the $$$ so step up if its wild steelhead that you dont have to be a Dean regular, at this point, the way DFO is managing the commercial salmon fishery, steelhead everywhere are taking a beating...
  4. Ral, send me whatever templates you have and I'll forward to a bunch of folks I know. Either PM me or find my email on our website.


    Sg, do you feel that DFO significantly differs from NOAA in their respective role? If so, how? If not, what are the similarities?
  5. We could all stop fish this run of steelhead and let them recover.
  6. send me some...
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  7. I spend 6 months of my fishing calendar on rivers where gill nets are an every day battle. I handle more wild coastal steelhead with scars than without. The hum of the jet sleds rounding the river bend is an ominous reminder of man's determination to destroy. One of the biggest reasons I'm planning a backcountry dean float is to get way the fuck out there and be alone with the fish and the river, if only temporarily. No guide fleets racing down the river, no pluggers in the slot, no netting schedule, no pressure. Just spectacular wild fish in a wild setting. To hear all of this truly breaks my heart and makes me wonder how long before there is nowhere left on earth to truly experience steelhead in their raw form???

    Makes me sick.
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  8. Ok, about 6 folks have stepped up and are sending letters in. Thats great. Better than I was hoping for From a user perspective, its around 80% Americans that fish the Dean, only something like 15% Canadians...
  9. send me your templates
  10. ditto, shoot me a sample letter or two if you don't mind.
  11. The response from you guys is great. Awesome really.

    Please pm me with your email just to make my life a little bit easier so I dont have to scan this thread and keep track of who and what. Believe me when I say I have a lot on my plate...

    and just in case you haven't already seen this :
  12. Thanks for posting that Ralfish.
  13. The response to the letter writing request has been good. Much better than I anticipated. Its good to see other people are just as concerned over the way commercial salmon fisheries are managed in BC. We will continue holding the feet of the managers to the fire and the status quo certainly isnt acceptable. Public accountability is a requirement that we will make happen as uncomfortable as it may be for these fisheries managers. It requires us to not remain complacent.
  14. Not trying to burst your bubble but you will most certainly see guides in jet boats with clients every single day of your trip. It's what awoke me on my first morning when we put in a Giants (about 40KM up river of the mouth) last year. Fishing the run we had camped overnight on. Gotta get up early fir first water...even on the Dean 8^(
  15. Just returned from the Dean; it was my first trip there. We were permitted from Aug 17-24, and every fish caught with one exception, was net-scarred -- some horribly so. The reports from others mirrored our experience, with similar low catch numbers. Abysmal, according to those who have fished the Dean for 15-20+ years. We were told that the fleet numbered 96 & each boat was taking an average of 5 steelhead per day. This was ongoing from before we arrived & continued after our last day on the river. This same situation was reported to us from the group of friends that preceded us, Aug 8-15.
    I, too would appreciate the opportunity to communicate my thoughts to the DFO & encourage others to do likewise. While each individual letter may not seem to carry much weight, each represents the voices of other anglers. Who will speak for the steelhead?
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  16. Kerry,

    Several years ago a guy did this on the Nysqually but instead of barbed wire it was rebar pushed through the bales so that it stuck out from all sides. There were some very hostile Nysqually indians after said event.
  17. Rebar?! Awesome. Yeah, I bet there were some pissed off fishermen.
  18. Ralfish,

    Excellent video. Thanks for sharing it.

    I feel like it's not my place as a U.S. citizen to tell Canada how to manage, or mis-manage, its fisheries. Canada can and should do as it feels best suits its national interests. However, if the recreational fishing experience isn't better than what I can find elsewhere, I won't buy a B.C. fishing license or spend my tourist dollars there.


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