Deathstar Pairing Question

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by golfman44, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Wondering what backing to pair with my deathstar help please
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  2. What kind of reel are you using?
  3. Since when is backing choice based on the rod, and not the reel?

    Is this a deliberately stupid question?
  4. 30 pound Dacron. I don't mean to hijack the thread but what knot do you use to connect to the fly line. Do you wet the knot during tightening and do you use saliva or some other liquid?
  5. Its a joke, yes.
    nail, albright, or loop to loop.

  6. Some other liquid, definitely.

  7. Nail knot, no juice required, accept no substitutions. :p

    Seriously though, a well tied nail knot is hard to beat.
  8. I think a Pabst in one hand is the best pairing for a deathstar..
  9. I like to grind up hevi beads, mix them with Nate Treats tears and spin the mixture into backing. Really gets the job done.
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  10. WTF is a deathstar?
  11. A real stupid name for a fly rod.
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  12. Braided sasquatch hair. Wet all knots with the blood of a unicorn before cinching them down.
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  13. Wrong. Best name ever.

    Until someone calls a rod "The Terminator." Then that will be the best name ever.
  14. +1 for chum wraith.
  15. Or a streamer rod for browns dubbed "the fudge packer"
  16. "DeathStar" isn't even a real name...who the hell decided that's the best thing to call it anyway!?

    this, on the other hand, is:
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  17. How about "Bane of Mykiss"
  18. Or simply, Mykiss Bane
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  19. I'd pair it with a cabernet.

    Go Sox,

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