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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by TomB, Nov 3, 2006.

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    Well put. Coachiagree
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    I thought I did, at least to some extent? :)
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    Not sure if the last 10 or twenty years can be classed as History, history of Speycasting in the PNW maybe, if thats the case god do i feel old at 43.
    What about the last 140 years.
    Most of what we do has been done and talked about long ago, like i said there is very little new, just the names.
    Fishing sink tips, speycasting compitions different casting styles all were talked about and done around 1900.
    A really good story would be of Alexander Grant, designed his own rod , line, and casting style in the 1890's, and set a world record that we still can't match today.:eek:
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    First, the 9 weight Logic is a stick and not all that fun to cast, I have all three logics and the best rod is the 8. (Dec would agree)

    Now as for Dec, he is still alive and well. He is living in SLC with his new wife Amy and her two daughters Jenny and Aspen. Dec is very involved with his daughter Brooke and she has been spending time in Utah with Dec’s new family. Dec quit guiding and moved to Utah four years ago to be with Amy. He is a full time firefighter working in a small city north of Salt Lake, fulfilling one of his life time goals. His passion for steelheading is as strong today as it was when he hooked his first fish. Since the release of his book he has been traveling all over the NW and Canada doing clinics and book signings. He is doing editing for a fishing magazine, researching new equipment and continues to be involved in developing and designing new equipment. Yes Dec is no longer guiding but what does that mean he is no longer a steelheader? Dec has never been more motivated in helping anglers perfect their skill, he has just changed venues. For those that know Dec it should be easy to understand his new direction. It is always sad when one of the greats moves on, but it’s easy to understand why. Guiding is a hard life with no guarantees. I have known Dec for some time now and I have never seen him happier. He has hooked and landed his chromer and I doubt he is going to release this one.
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    Does anyone have one of those "sticks" for sale! I like them for skagit casting and would love to get my hands on another one. :)
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    I've seen them occasionally on spey pages. maybe post a WTB (wanted to buy) in the classified section.
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    Thanks, Wil

    I was going to do that eventually on this site, just haven't got around to it! :)
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    True, True.