December 29th Rocky Ford Flyfishing Freezeout

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. December 29th is a Saturday (for the working crowd). Is anybody interested in meeting at Rocky Ford and complaining about ice forming in the guides? I checked the local weather forecast up to the 23rd and it's a stretch of highs in the low 30's.

    If anybody's interested we could meet up. I didn't know who had x-mas week off so I looked for the first Saturday.
  2. hmmm, sounds fun. may find a way over ill see how things workout.
  3. Arggghhh. Gotta work that day- Garage Sale at the Kennewick REI. You guys and gals have fun though.....
  4. Chasing trip's on Rufus Woods that day.
  5. I'll probably be doing the same somewhere in SW MT that day :) I would love to meet up another time though!
  6. Hell, every day for me is a Saturday.

    Boy, retirement sure is nice.
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  7. I just might have to join ya.
  8. Count me in.

    Mcnasty, I'm up for a carpool if you want.
  9. lol, i was hoping for that. =) im definetly down now
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  10. Maybe, but then I'd have to show you up again zen :)
  11. Wife's birthday. I'm a definite maybe.
  12. Ira - I'm easy to show up. I make other fishermen look good.

    dfl - give your wife a birthday present of fishing Rocky Ford in sub-34 degree weather. A present that makes her nose run would be a memorable birthday.
  13. That's why I'm going - to make you all feel better about your fishing ability.
  14. Go
    good luck. It's pretty dead, especially down near the pens. You can usually still find fish in the first five miles where it's running faster.
  15. I might show, unless it snows really good, in which case I will probably be on a skihill somewhere. Haven't shredded any powder this year yet, but have gotten at least 150 days on the water.
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  16. For those interested in fishing the 29th here's the current forecast. I'll show if others show up.

    DayDec 29

    Partly Cloudy

    Chance of Precip:
    N at 5 mph​
    UV Index:
    1 - Low​
    7:44 am​
    6:02 pm​
    8:13 am​
  17. About the only way I would show up there would be if it was 85 degrees out and the sun was shining.

    I drove past the Big Hole Yesterday and it was ice bank to bank. Went past the Beaverhead today and there was a good bit of ice on the edges. My highs just about get to 25 degrees. Just no way this old fart is going fishing. Hell my body would just about freeze up.
  18. about how i expected it temp wise, low chance of precip and low wind. lookin good.
  19. The low wind is the main concern. Even though the forecasts have been for highs of 31-32 degrees the actual temps have been in the upper 30's. I'll be trying some teeny BWO's in an 18 to 22 depending on my dexterity (or lack of it).
  20. That forecast looks perfect to me.

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