December 29th Rocky Ford Flyfishing Freezeout

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  1. Here's two photos from yesterday's freezeout: The first one is the most of the attendees (Irafly, Troutpocket, McNasty, Patrick Gould, dp and Pat Lat. Troutjunky and Enlightened joined us later) and the second is what the weather was. A wind and light snow greeted us after about 90 minutes of fishing.

    DSCN2879.JPG DSCN2880.JPG
  2. triploid and enlightened did show up? dang, i think we were to distracted by the monster hole we found.
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  3. Wasted trip for me. Fished for slightly over an hour when we received a phone call. Had to pack it up and haul butt. The only thing that came of it for me was I realized I had a bad batch of hooks. Tiemco 2x short,3x wide. Every fish straightened the hook, even little guys. Been having serious issues with Tiemco, and that was the last straw. Only mustad or diachii from now on for me. Between hooks bending and eyes falling off it's not worth it for me, especially when the cheaper brands seem to work far better.
  4. We were their catching nadda lol! Fish....they were right there, swimming below me and teasing only the way a fish can. We fished for a couple hours, i had three take downs love for this gal. Hopefully soon! Beginning to think the fish gods are pissing on me;)
  5. I saw you! You asked my name and i said my real name....habbit! Dressed in warm, fat making bulges of camo pants....those pants may be to big, but free and so warm:) it was nice to see u all!
  6. lol dang, you guys did about the same as me. i had about 10 fish on throughout the day, but only a single one for more than a few seconds which was a recent plant around 12" or so that put up one hell of a fight for its size. none to net. alot of big boys. we found a hole right at the top of the skinny water where there were about 15 or so 20"+ monsters (two of which patrick posted) in 2 small stretches and we were hooking them pretty consistently.
  7. Nice to meet up with everyone. The fish were very willing to eat my obviously hookless scuds. I ended up hooking about 16 fish but I only landed 8 or 9 of those. I had several other fish eat my scuds and I completely missed them altogether. The snow made for some tough sight fishing conditions but the ladder helped a ton. I know that Pat Lat was impressed with it after he was able to cast into his backing from the top step. I never did get that fly back from you. I did tie up a new scud that I finally tried at the end. I tied it on a jig hook with a tungsten bead and my hook up ratio ended up being much better, interesting.

  8. It was nice to meet everyone and worth the trip over, although I thought the flow would be better, its really just a trickle in some spots, but its a pretty cool fishery.
    I wish I would have gotten snowed in on the east side of the pass though, it would have given me an excuse to fish the yak the next morning.
    Heres two that we took a picture of, had a few more like them, you know those cookie cutter 24 inchers.
    photo.JPG photo(3).JPG
  9. lol! yup, those damn cookie cutters.
  10. Man I would of liked to of made it just to watch! so many minds and fishing techniques, would of been nice to just watch and learn - yeah I'm jealous!

    IRA as soon as you posted a "ladder" I knew you were onto something. seeing only pics of the creek and knowing no wading it had to of helped! cheater :D
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  11. RF trout are tough on hooks, heavy wire or nothing.
  12. Let's do another one in the late February - early April timeframe. The fishing techniques are different then..... might even encounter a ladder "hatch" when the ground softens up.
  13. Ya that fly is on my drying patch, your fishing style inspired me to try tying a new type of scud, heavily weighted and upsidedown to help with your hookups, I'll post a pic later, and tie a handful for you to test. The ladder thing is pretty cool, now just work on making it packable and you'll be a millionaire
  14. I'm up for it, but it might depend in the intensity of the Skwala hatch.
  15. nice to meet you guys. Fun times on the water talking with everyone and seeing the different styles of fishing. I managed 6 fish to the net and lost 3-4. When I changed over to a bugger in the middle section, I hooked, but lost my biggest fish of the day. I used only two flies for the day - maybe that is why I did not hook as many fish as you guys.
    Happy New Year!
  16. I remember years ago packing a little step ladder at rf. Man, I got some funny looks back then. Now, people just take it for granted. I want to get a set up like you see pyramid. Swivel seat on top. But it would have to be painted a dull color. This spring I showed up at the big O with a shiny new ladder, only to have the cutties scatter just as they come into range. The bling scared the hell outta them.
  17. 6 tops my count.
  18. If we are counting, I'm fairly sure that troutpocket's early bugger bite out topped us all. He ended up with 12 or 13 to the shore for the day. His last one slammed the fly after I watched it peel off for it. It then jumped a good 4 times and it actually took some line. A great last fish of the day!
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  19. man, I had a bad case of castitis in my forearm by the end of the day.
    I compare it to tennis elbow or golfer elbow (I play racquetball).
    any one else had this from too much casting? or is it poor form on my part?

  20. I was actually going to start a thread about this exact subject! playing baseball - softball - and coaching for many years has taken it's toll on my casting elbow. I noticed last time I practiced or tested a rod for lines my elbow was hurting pretty good. I know I have worn a sleeve sometimes while pitching practice for teen baseball. rite aid may have arm (elbow sleeves) to try out! The strong stop you do while casting larger rods puts quite a strain on the elbow joint. like pitching without following through - you wouldn't last long!!! the heavier the outfit the worse it is. all my purchases have been toward lighter rods and reels now days.

    I can't play racquetball, my arm is numb for hours afterwards and then horrible pain.

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