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  1. I love caddis emergers and pupa. Probably the most important caddis pattern you can tie because it is the stage at which the bugs are readily available to feeding trout. Caddis flys are usually strong swimmers which means they will often times be found all throughout the water column, whether they are swimming furiously to the waters edge or using an air bubble to shoot up from the bottom of the stream you can bet the fish will be all over them. Besides, they just look buggy.

    So here's mine, its kind of an oliver edwards style, and thanks to everyone in advance for sharing theirs.

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  2. I think I will actually attempt to participate in this, I have just the pattern.
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  3. My poopah submission, a semi-sparkle caddis poopah.

    Gamakatsu Scud size 14
    Thorax: Green Sparkle yarn
    Rib: Small copper wire
    Shuck: Tan sparkle yarn combed out
    Hackle: Partridge soft hackle.
    Head: Brown Antron Dubbing.

    Taken with my new Tokina 100mm/f2.8 Macro and Nikon D7000. Background is a cheapy photo umbrella. I'm liking the photo results.
  4. nice ties
  5. Both good looking patterns. I've no doubt those will work.

    That old air bubble theory makes me chuckle. Perhaps a little gas under the skin.

    I'm convinced that patterns tied with wing holsters work best, as they are a distinct feature of the emerger. Pat Lat what material are your pattern's wing holsters made from? They look very realistic.
  6. I did some research on the whole pupa/air bubble thing...and found out that the females trap an air bubble, swim down, deposit eggs, then use the air bubble to quickly float back up to the surface. The time that takes is minimal compared to a hatching caddis, but it actually does happen. Not really worth imitating though. What was apparent on all the research/images I could find, is that there is a definite iridescent sheen to the shuck, and that's more what I was going for. No big bubbles, that's why I kept the shuck tight to the body.
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  7. Jon, my comment was pointed at Pat's mention of the air bubble. Didn't mean it as a critique of your fine pattern. I like your idea of creating some miasma about the body. I try for a similar effect using puff from the base of dyed mallard flank feathers. Very glassy & irridescent & lots of movement when wet. Here's an October Caddis version:
  8. Steve, I didn't see it as such. You just gave me the perfect segue into what I had been reading about. :)
  9. Telepathyonline.
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  10. I used some swiss straw I found at patricks fly shop, I find it is especially important on big october caddis patterns.
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  11. Perfect. Been using biots tied in by the tips for smaller sizes but have been looking for something to holster the Miasmic OC with. Thanks!
  13. Here's a a couple that worked for me on the upper Yak this summer
    P3140269.JPG P3140244.JPG P3140258.JPG P3140264.JPG
  14. most righteous Kelvin! im gettin into all things extended body right now and was wondering if/how you made the bodies on those bottom ones.
  15. its the stuff used for worms
    ends carefully melted with a lighter
  16. Is that like a diamond braid?
  17. actually it is called PEARL CORE BRAID
  18. I know every one is busy with the holidays right now, but I figured I'd give this thread a bump for some new entries, All submissions welcome!
  19. got sidetracked with big foam hoppers/stones for june (gee, think cabin fever is setting in yet?) i still plan on coming up with something cool for this.
  20. awesome, I did a set of some hoppers I'm pretty proud of for the holiday swap earlier this month, porterhaus ended up with them, maybe he'll post a pic for you to see, I'm to deer-haired out to tie another one right now.

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